How to properly size your backup repository

Speaker: Luca Dell'Oca, Jose Mendoza
Published : April, 2014
How to properly size your backup repository
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In this video, Veeam EMEA Evangelist and VMCE #1 Luca Dell’Oca will explain how to deal with the correct sizing of a backup repository. Starting from real production storage numbers, Luca will estimate backup storage’s needed disk space and its consumed I/O. You’ll learn when to move a primary backup to a secondary tier and how to balance regular rotations and GFS. Topics include:

  • How to evaluate your production storage
  • Applying Veeam rule of thumbs and best practices to your numbers
  • How different backup methods can impact your design
  • IOPS! IOPS! It’s not only about consumed space

Saying hello to BackupCopy: Use a tiered approach to optimize repository economics.

Duration: 1:22:14

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