Hyper-V backup best practices

Published : February, 2014
Hyper-V backup best practices

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Backup best practices have undergone major chances since the release of Hyper-V in Windows Server. Today, there are more opportunities than ever to protect your virtual environment, thanks to the many improvements in Hyper-V, applications and software.

Data protection best practices for the virtual environment no longer refers to the use of just a “virtualization-aware” backup solution. Today, you need more. To achieve reliable Hyper-V environment protection, you also need to both follow Microsoft’s established best practices and back up Hyper-V hosts and virtual machines in a manner that provides granular-recovery capabilities. Although these steps may sound simple, they are sometimes quite challenging in reality.

This webinar discusses how to design a comprehensive backup solution to protect your Hyper-V environment. You’ll learn best practices for online vs. offline backups, Linux backups and Ubuntu integration, Hyper-V VSS Writer considerations and much more.

Watch the Hyper-V backup best practices webinar and learn:

  • How to assess your backup and recovery needs
  • The importance of evaluating your VM architecture
  • Critically important virtual hard disk considerations
  • How to protect non-Windows VMs
  • Best practices for resource allocation and the use of native protection mechanisms
Duration: 1:00:12

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