Metal-to-user experience monitoring with Veeam, Comtrade and NiCE

Speaker: Alec King, Christian Heitkamp, Bogdan Viher
Published : April, 2015
Metal-to-user experience monitoring with Veeam, Comtrade and NiCE
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To meet SLAs in today’s complex IT world, you need monitoring and management tools that let you see how hardware, virtualization, applications and the user experience work together to deliver solutions. If Microsoft System Center is your choice of framework, add-on management packs can quickly provide additional monitoring for every component of your datacenter.

Join Veeam® and fellow MPx Alliance members, Comtrade and NiCE, for a whiteboard discussion on Microsoft System Center management packs working together for a clear metal-to-user view of the solutions that power your business.

Watch this episode and see how management packs from Veeam, Comtrade and NiCE:

  • Work hand-in-hand for a rich management experience
  • Eliminate management blind spots to provide faster solutions
  • Give you a unified performance view from hardware to the end user experience
Duration: 1:14:11

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