APJ Q1 Veeam ProPartner Briefing

Speaker: John Metzger, James Mundle
Published : February, 2019
APJ Q1 Veeam ProPartner Briefing

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Veeam® quarterly ProPartner Briefings bring valuable content to all our partners, regardless of knowledge or experience with us! Don’t miss the upcoming FY19 ProPartner Briefing!

The executive leadership team at Veeam has an exciting agenda lined up for you at this webinar. Find out what 2019 holds for Veeam. Join us and hear about:

  • Recent product announcements
  • Our alliances and our partner community.
  • Ways to utilize promotions to increase your revenue
  • And lots more!

Don’t miss this important event! Get the valuable information you need to kickstart your 2019 goals.

Duration: 44:38

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