Veeam ProPartner Changes 2018

Speaker: Christopher Supangat
Published : February, 2018
Veeam ProPartner Changes 2018

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Veeam® would like to inform you of a series of improvements to the overall pricing strategy, the majority of which are planned to launch on Feb. 1. These improvements are designed to expand Veeam’s offerings, create the global alignment that you would expect from an enterprise organization and add more consistency and predictability across Veeam’s systems and processes.

This is the summary of changes to familiarize yourself with:

Global reference pricing

The globalization of pricing will provide long-term benefits as we move to the Eenterprise, minimize confusion with international disputes and simplify the implementation of global strategic partnerships (e.g., HPE Reseller Agreement).

Slight alterations to existing prices will provide global alignment, but with the flexibility for regional sensitivity, and with a focus on maintaining competitive pricing with minimal increases to as many regions as possible.

Subscription enhancements

As the market shifts increasingly to subscription licensing, our goal is to provide all customers with more subscription flexibility and purchasing options. Subscription enhancements include:

  • The Veeam Availability Suite family of products can now all be purchased through a subscription at a per-VM rate
  • Customers can choose from one to five-year subscription options
  • Removal of extra and legacy SKUs to simplify the price book

Reseller program changes

With a larger focus on subscription selling, it was important to update the 2018 reseller program to align and optimize discounts between perpetual and subscription products.

The program has also been improved to create more global consistency, limiting regional differentiation to make it easier for resellers to do business across regions and at larger scale. 

Beginning Feb. 1, we are enhancing the Deal Registration program with the addition of New Business Opportunity and Alliance Attach. These changes will give our Silver, Gold and Platinum ProPartners the opportunity to increase profitability of Veeam net new opportunities and when there is a existing Veeam Alliance partner registration.

Next steps

Please reach out to your distribution manager or Veeam channel manager to discuss these changes in greater detail.

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