SharePoint 2016 Overview: Top Compelling Features!

Speaker: Joel Oleson
Published : November, 2015
SharePoint 2016 Overview: Top Compelling Features!

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SharePoint 2016 RTM is scheduled to release sometime in Q2 of 2016. While some of us are just experimenting with SharePoint Server 2013, it’s time to get ready for the new release. The first public beta – SharePoint 2016 IT Preview – is already available for everyone who wants to play with the new features.

The UI of the new content management and collaboration platform looks a lot like its predecessor SharePoint 2013, but don’t be confused, SharePoint 2016 is a branch from the Office 365 SharePoint online. SharePoint 2016 has more than 25 new features, many of which we inherit from the cloud. It unlocks new hybrid scenarios such as Hybrid Team Sites and Cloud Hybrid Search, and brings infrastructure and performance improvements.

In this webinar, we'll approach the SharePoint 2016 features from a user perspective. It complements the IT Preview where Microsoft seems to be only talking to IT staff and developers.An overview of SharePoint 2016 for the business presented by Joel Oleson, the first ever administrator and Evangelist of SharePoint, will be useful if you are planning to upgrade, or if you’re just curious.

This webinar is also wrapped up with expert recommendations on enabling SharePoint Availability with Veeam®. You will learn how Veeam solutions can help you with SharePoint 2016 upgrade planning and application-item recovery.

Watch this webinar to learn more about:

  • Planning for the next big version of SharePoint
  • Building business with a more secure, auditable and flexible SharePoint 2016 upgrade or deployment
  • Integrating SharePoint with modern Availability software to ensure the Always-On Business.
Duration: 1:13:01

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