Quick start for developing a SharePoint backup strategy and recovery plan v8

Speaker: Steven James
Published : April, 2015
Quick start for developing a SharePoint backup strategy and recovery plan v8

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This webinar will dive deep into SharePoint availability, covering everything from the value it brings to business operations to SharePoint backup strategy best practices, and everything in between. Are you still wondering if you’ll really benefit from watching? Test yourself and see how much new information you know about:

Do you already use SharePoint as a central hub for team collaboration and business processes, or just considering it yet?

In this video, we’ll discuss the many benefits that the SharePoint platform brings to businesses. You will learn about a variety of SharePoint use cases, including content management, web portals, enterprise search capabilities and business intelligence. Don’t hesitate to see all the great outcomes SharePoint can bring to your organization!

Is your SharePoint server virtualized or are you currently weighing the pros and cons of virtualizing it?

Watch this episode to find out what challenges come with SharePoint and how virtualization can help you address them. Due to its critical role in enabling the Always-On Business™ and its deep integration with other Tier-1 applications, SharePoint requires 24/7 availability. While Microsoft official documentation claims that “You can’t back up or restore everything in a SharePoint environment,” Veeam® experts will dispel this myth and explain how you can achieve SharePoint availability with virtualization and Veeam.

Do you want to learn best practices for SharePoint backup and restore?

This video will give you a quick start for developing a SharePoint backup strategy with Veeam Availability Suite™ v8. You will learn how this agentless, storage agnostic availability solution can help you create image-level backups of SharePoint content databases and achieve RTOs and RPOs (RTPO™) of < 15 minutes. We’ll discuss the many recovery options Veeam provides for SharePoint backups, from full VM recovery to application-item restore with Veeam Explorer™ for Microsoft SharePoint and Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL, which allow you to minimize the disaster disruption and restore normal operations of your SharePoint services in minutes. Watch this webinar and learn about:

  • SharePoint VM backup strategies
  • SharePoint VM recovery options
  • Rich search, e-discovery and restore options for SharePoint
  • Duration: 39:20

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