Build a robust DR plan with Veeam & ThinkOn

Speaker: Tony Romany, Kanahiya Manuja, Chris Riley
Published : August, 2018
Build a robust DR plan  with Veeam & ThinkOn

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Leverage Veeam® technology for a disaster recovery solution powered by ThinkOn and Veeam that allows you to have control over your data and maintain 24.7.365 Availability. The Veeam cloud replication solution with Veeam and ThinkOn’s Hyper-Available platform not only provides you with a DR solution for your data, but also reduces overall on-premises IT infrastructure costs and downtime. Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, Aug. 14 to discuss:

  • ThinkOn’s flexible consumption model with easy-to-scale options available for Veeam solutions
  • How Veeam and ThinkOn provide Intelligent Data Management for your business
  • Veeam and ThinkOn’s ability to maintain 24.7.365 Availability of your data
  • And more!
Duration: 38:17

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