How to protect your small business against top disasters  

Speaker: Andy Yin
Published : March, 2019
How to protect your small business against top disasters  

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Business data is growing exponentially day by day, along with the risk of data loss caused by data corruption, employee failure or an external attack. However, it’s hard to make effective, long-term plansfor keeping your data safe when you’re wrapped up in daily system-support operations. Join Veeam® Inside System Engineer Andy Yin for this one-hour webinar with a Q&A where we will detail the main threats for any business and the best practices necessary to combat them.

We’ll walk through:

  • Practical tips for off-site,disaster recovery and quick recovery techniques
  • Backup design considerations for today’s mix of cloud, physical and virtual in your data center
  • Automated backup testing, Office 365 backup, endpoint protection and more!
Duration: 1:01:55

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