NetApp + Veeam: Best practices and guidelines

Speaker: Jose Mendoza, Shawn Lieu, Philip Butler
Published : May, 2015
NetApp + Veeam: Best practices and guidelines
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Join experts Jose Mendoza, Shawn Lieu and special guest Philip Butler in a whiteboard session on the Veeam® and NetApp FlexPod joint solution.

FlexPod is an integrated storage, computing and networking solution providing you with a converged infrastructure for better reliability and higher levels of availability in your data center. In this webinar, Philip Butler from NetApp explains how FlexPod helps you create a software-defined data center with a completely virtualized stack, simplify your architecture and become a service broker within your environment.

This webinar has a special focus on the NetApp Snapshot®, SnapMirror® and SnapVault® technologies, which allow you to extend availability in your data center and achieve recovery time and point objectives (RTPOs™) of < 15 minutes. Shawn Lieu will give you details on the Veeam integration with NetApp storage and provide best practices on creating Veeam backups from NetApp storage snapshots. You will learn how Veeam helps you orchestrate the snapshotting process and achieve application consistency. Topics of this session also include:

  • FlexPod architecture
  • Veeam integration for Data ONTAP
  • Solution best practices and guidelines
Duration: 1:19:03

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