VeeamLive | Show: Why do experts choose Veeam?

Speaker: Gabrie van Zanten, ,
Published : June, 2015
VeeamLive | Show: Why do experts choose Veeam?
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Have you considered Veeam® as your availability solution? Join this online show and see why IT experts recommend Veeam as the availability solution for businesses of all sizes.

You’ll learn:
  • About case studies and real-life examples
  • About the most demanded features in Veeam Availability Suite™ v8
  • How to ensure Availability for the Modern Data Center™

Join Rasmus Haslund (Trainer at Arrow ECS Denmark),
Joep Piscaer (CTO at OGD ict-diensten) and Gabrie van Zanten
(Principal Consultant at Open Line) to get firsthand accounts on Veeam’s innovation in availability and disaster recovery.

Duration: 45:00

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