Office 365 Backup revenue: OffsiteDataSync & Veeam

Speaker: Sean Arnold, Shawn Noonan
Published : February, 2018
Office 365 Backup revenue: OffsiteDataSync & Veeam

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Protect your Office 365 customers and grow your recurring revenue by combining Office 365 backup and Veeam® Cloud Connect backup. Because of the massive scale of Microsoft Office 365, there is a limit to Office 365’s native data protection and retention.

Now you can increase your recurring revenue by offering a cloud‑based solution to meet your customers’ needs for Office 365 data protection.

Join the upcoming webinar by OffsiteDataSync and Veeam to learn how you can help your customers avoid O365 data loss in the following scenarios:

  • Ransomware and malware attacks
  • Inactive O365 licenses
  • Accidental data deletion
  • And more!
Duration: 28:45

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