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Let's face it, digital data have become the lifeblood of the modern school system. Lesson plans, grades, student and staff records, correspondence, bus schedules—all now reside in the ether. Lose availability to that data and IT is going to hear about it, loudly.

When things go wrong and they lose availability to their data, schools must be able to restore lost data and get their services back up fast—at a price they can afford.

Here's how to do it.

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Disaster recovery and data protection are especially important as agencies push more services online. Regulatory compliance and e-discovery requirements are yet another reason state and local government agencies need to take data protection and disaster recovery seriously. As agencies continue to move critical applications such as email to the cloud, they need to maintain control, visibility and access to data.

This brief explores:

  • Current government statistics on data vulnerability
  • Four best practices for data backup and recovery
  • How to stay ahead of disaster
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White Paper
September 01, 2017

State and local government organizations and agencies always need to maintain accurate data protection and recovery. Many in the public sector environment continue to rely on legacy backup solutions. These legacy backup solutions cannot deliver the Availability needed in today’s modern data center.

This document discusses:

  • Automated disaster recovery orchestration
  • Cloud-based workload mobility
  • Monitoring, reporting, testing and documentation
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