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February 18, 2019
Author: WSJ. Custom Studios,

Businesses rely on data to drive decisions every day. But how can they ensure the health of the systems governing it?

Read our Q&A with Veeam’s Danny Allan on the role of analytics in data management.

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Author: Clint Wyckoff, Senior Global Technical Evangelist, Veeam Software

The Microsoft System Center suite delivers a perfect solution that allows users to maintain, update, manage and monitor an environment. One of the components of System Center is Operations Manager — a management and monitoring framework. Operations Manager is extensible through management packs (MPs), which contain the knowledge, rules, monitors, graphical views and reports to manage and monitor applications and infrastructure components.

Each management pack you load in Operations Manager contains alerts. Knowing the key alerts in these MPs can help you quickly identify situations that require attention, instead of less actionable situations.

This FREE white paper will provide techniques for more actionable alerting in Operations Manager and best practice recommendations from the field for using Operations Manager and Veeam® Management Pack™ for Microsoft System Center.

These techniques include:

  • How to group objects by their Business Service Level Agreement and best practices from the field for more actionable alerting;
  • How dashboards can help to quickly identify relevant conditions in Operations Manager;
  • Which alerts are keys to focus on in Operations Manager;
  • And more!
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Author: Clint Wyckoff, Senior Global Technical Evangelist, Veeam Software

This white paper examines Hyper-V management and monitoring provided by Veeam Management Pack for System Center. Veeam MP extends System Center, providing deep visibility and collecting critical information with more monitors, alerts, rules and performance collection.

Veeam MP also enhances System Center Hyper-V monitoring and reporting with tools such as:

  • Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V
  • Capacity planning Reports
  • Real-time, in-context dashboards with heatmaps and customizable widgets
  • Topology views with drill-down capabilities

Veeam Management Pack for System Center complements System Center’s out-of-the-box capabilities to help you better understand and manage your Hyper-V environment.

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Author: Eric Siebert, VMware vExpert

Your virtual environment’s performance and availability are critical, and how and what you monitor can determine your ability to deliver the great service your stakeholders expect.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn about:
  • Do’s and Don’ts for monitoring VMs
  • Making sense of performance metrics
  • Understanding interdependencies in virtual environments
  • Getting the most out of storage resources
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White Paper
October 20, 2011
Author: Eric Siebert, VMware vExpert

The challenges that come with virtualization must be addressed to achieve successful implementation. Virtualization affects everything in the data center. Don’t ignore the challenges that come with virtualization.

Learn how to conquer the top management challenges of implementing VMware virtualization, including:
  • VM sprawl
  • Storage management
  • Monitoring/reporting and more
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Author: Christian Mohn, Senior Solutions Architect

Download this NEW whitepaper to get 7 Expert Tips for managing your remote vSphere infrastructure, including:
  • Selecting the right products and solutions
  • The best ways to protect data
  • How to remotely manage and monitor the VMware infrastructure
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Author: Greg Shields, Microsoft MVP and VMware vExpert, independent author, speaker and IT consultant

Download this new white paper by Greg Shields to find out how the right tools can expose reporting data in consumable ways, giving you the reports you need to get the job done. See the six categories of much-needed reports you are missing with vSphere alone, including:
  • Enterprise Visibility
  • Resource Consumption & Performance
  • Storage Utilization & Consumption
  • And more!
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