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Author: Jonathan Butz, Healthcare Director, Global Alliance

Microsoft Office 365 enables healthcare providers to operate anywhere and anytime, without the need for IT to host emails, files and content management infrastructures. However, Microsoft only hosts the infrastructure — this means you are still responsible for maintaining a backup of business-critical data. Learn how to ensure Availability for your Microsoft Office 365 data in this brochure. Read now
White Paper
February 18, 2019
Author: WSJ. Custom Studios,

Companies that still rely on legacy systems (such as physical tape for backup) lose time and money, as these systems can’t deliver to the expectations of our highly efficient, real-time business culture.

This article makes the case for the cost and time efficiencies of new data systems and include both comments from an SME and a company that made the switch from tape backup to a Veeam® solution.

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Together, Veeam® and Microsoft provide customers with solutions to enable Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™. Veeam Backup & Replication™, together with Microsoft StorSimple allows customers to seamlessly integrate Veeam backup repositories into Azure hybrid-cloud operations, which makes data recoverability and archiving to Azure both easy and efficient. Veeam and StorSimple work in unison to mitigate the cost and management of data growth and provide clear and secure backup and recovery. Read now
Author: Mike Preston, IT Professional and Blogger

Drastic changes in data center technologies and growing business demands dictate the need to transform data protection and disaster recovery. Traditional backup doesn't make sense within modern data centers that leverage virtualization, cloud and software-driven, scale-out storage. To enable Always-On™ operations, you need to make a shift from backup and recovery to Availability.

In this e-book, Mike Preston, IT pro and blogger, gives you a comprehensive guide to disaster recovery and data protection for modern data center environments that run on VMware vSphere and integrate with cloud infrastructures. You'll learn the drawbacks to backing up VMware environments with traditional tools and presents technologies that help companies to address the challenges of data growth and Always-On Availability for services.

Mike Preston proves that Availability software must leverage virtualization, storage and the cloud to their fullest while delivering advanced functionality for business continuity. In his VMware data protection e-book, Mike lists the imperative criteria of a modern Availability solution. He suggests Veeam Backup & Replication as an example of a true Availability solution, and explains how high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, verified recoverability, leveraged data and complete visibility tied together enable applications and data Availability in VMware environments.

In this e-book, you'll learn about the components of a modern data center, and you will also see use cases for Veeam's value-add capabilities, including combining backup and replication for VMware disaster recovery and using replication for data center migration.

Read this FREE e-book to learn more about:

  • Creating application-consistent backups
  • Using modern snapshot methods
  • Choosing a backup storage
  • And more!
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Author: Eric Siebert, VMware vExpert

The VMware vSphere architecture offers many advantages for server backup and recovery. It changes the traditional techniques used to back up servers by leveraging virtualization features to streamline backup and recovery and makes it more efficient. It also provides more flexibility and options for performing backups, restoring VMs and implementing disaster recovery (DR).

In this white paper we will offer 10 best practices for assisting with implementing backup and recovery in a VMware vSphere environment, including the proper methods, techniques and configuration so you can take your backups to the next level.

You’ll also find out how you can leverage the cloud as part of your data protection strategy and how to keep critical VMs and data safe.

Read this FREE white paper to learn how to:

  • Choose the proper backup method for your VMware environment
  • Leverage policy-based controls for smarter data protection
  • Trace and troubleshoot potential issues in VMware environment
  • And more!
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Author: Hani El-Qasem, Solution Architect at SimpliVity

Did you know there’s an exponential increase in cost when you increase application uptime from 99.99% to 99.999%? Implementing SAN (Storage Area Network) replication for disaster recovery (DR) in virtual environments can be a complex, expensive and high-risk strategy.
This white paper reviews SAN technologies and examines asynchronous replication of virtual infrastructures for DR, pointing out differences between SAN-level and VM-level strategies.

Download this white paper now to learn about five of the common challenges in SAN-based replication:

  • Hardware dependency
  • Application consistency
  • Bandwidth constraints for your SAN
  • Failover and failback management
  • Replication of corrupt data

Find out how you can meet these challenges with a single solution!

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