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Author: Jason Buffington , Vice President, Solutions & Product Strategy, Veeam Software

Takeaways from downloading the executive brief:

  • Broaden the conversations with cross-section stakeholders to address business impact
  • Leverage operational metrics and translate technologies/issues into dollars
  • Understand data and downtime loss to determine the best strategy and solution choice
  • Define a strategy to ensure data protection and Availability

Why wait until something fails, breaks, is overwritten or corrupted accidentally/on purpose? Help your teams learn to quantify the full business impact of downtime and data loss, so that an informed decision is made for your data protection.

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Author: Ovum, ICT advisory brand of the Datamonitor Group

For the 2nd successive assessment, Veeam is a leader in NEW Ovum Analyst report for Data Availability and Protection.

Veeam recorded above average scores in 16 of the 19 categories, becoming a LEADER in the new Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Software-based Data Availability and Protection Solution for the Cloud Era, 2019–20, for the 2nd successive assessment.

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White Paper
February 25, 2019
Author: Vanson Bourne, Market Research Company

Data drives enterprise organizations. Nutanix and Veeam® commissioned Vanson Bourne to undertake a research study on the hybrid cloud, migrating to the hyperconverged architecture and changing data-protection requirements in Europe:

  • Customer spend on private and public cloud going forward
  • Reasons for lacking hybrid cloud readiness
  • The importance of a hyperconverged platform for cloud-like consumption model for the hybrid cloud
  • The need for a multi-hypervisor strategy
  • Data-protection challenges in a multi-cloud environment
  • Growing concerns about how to recover from cyber-threats
  • Why a robust and flexible data-protection and hyperconverged solution should be included in the planning process for a hybrid cloud strategy.
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White Paper
February 18, 2019
Author: WSJ. Custom Studios,

Businesses rely on data to drive decisions every day. But how can they ensure the health of the systems governing it?

Read our Q&A with Veeam’s Danny Allan on the role of analytics in data management.

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White Paper
February 18, 2019
Author: WSJ. Custom Studios,

Companies that still rely on legacy systems (such as physical tape for backup) lose time and money, as these systems can’t deliver to the expectations of our highly efficient, real-time business culture.

This article makes the case for the cost and time efficiencies of new data systems and include both comments from an SME and a company that made the switch from tape backup to a Veeam® solution.

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White Paper
February 18, 2019
Author: WSJ. Custom Studios,

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t what we’ve seen in movies. AI is automating and optimizing tasks within industries like healthcare, education and public safety to free up people to do what we do best — innovate.

Find out how AI and automation are driving new insights and efficiencies in data management.

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The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 22 years and it will have a profound impact on every organization that relies on the storage and processing of personal data of EU citizens. Starting May 25, 2018, the penalties begin for noncompliance, with GDPR fines of up to 4% of annual global revenue or 20 million euros - whichever is greater.

As this new regulation also impacts Veeam®, we wanted to share our insights on our road to compliancy. In a new executive brief, GDPR: 5 Lessons Learned, Veeam Compliance Experience Shared, we walk through these lessons and share how our software played a critical role within data management and protection strategies to ensure we remain compliant while delivering Availability for the Always On Enterprise™.

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This handbook provides an overview of various considerations involved in upgrading the current Veeam® solution or migrating to a new product. All the recommendations and information in this document were gathered through our work with a variety of customers and environments.

Here is a quick rundown of the content comprised in this document:

  • Explanations of different types of Veeam solutions and best practices
  • Feedback from business decision makers and technical users from small, medium and enterprise companies working with Veeam solutions
  • A step-by-step guide for upgrading to a new software version or edition or migrating from one product to another
  • And more!
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Lately, more Legacy Backup customers than ever are switching to Veeam®. Modern enterprises demand Always-On Availability that Veritas can’t offer. Restoration of all IT services running in the hybrid cloud within minutes or even seconds is needed by organizations. 

Digital transformation, business continuity and increased agility cannot be achieved without replacing legacy backup. Veeam helps businesses meet Service level agreements (SLAs), reliability is increased and operational complexity is reduced — resulting in improved ROI and lower TCO (total cost of ownership).

Learn why switching to Veeam will help you better meet customer demands. Read this white paper and learn how:

  • The modern, highly virtualized, hybrid-cloud world is what Veeam is designed for
  • A proven history of being first to deliver market-defining technologies makes Veeam an innovation leader
  • Substantially fewer downtime and fewer backup and replication failures come to Veeam customers than those with legacy backup solutions


Check out 7 Reasons NOT to renew Legacy Backup and switch to Veeam today!

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If CIOs are to take their seat in the boardroom and become a central part of developing and delivering business strategy, their role must evolve. They must take the time to understand the challenges their CxO colleagues face and collaborate with them to deliver the results needed.

This edition explores the key CxO roles and how the CIO can engage with them to help achieve their goals and showcase the strategic value they bring to the business. No change is possible without the CIO.

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