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Author: Rick Vanover, VMware vExpert, MCP, MCITP, MCSA and Veeam Director of Technical Product Marketing & Evangelism

With the upcoming end of life of Microsoft Windows server 2008 R2, organizations need to have a plan on what to do with this old operating system. In this paper, organizations will see how they can do prepared upgrades to newer platforms, including Microsoft Windows Server 2019. This will showcase Veeam® DataLabs in-depth and an additional piece of Veeam collateral around using Microsoft Azure.

Readers of this paper will take away a better understanding of a popular use case of using the Veeam DataLab. This will help remove obsolete operating systems from use and provide a confident way to upgrade. Key learning topics shared in this paper are:

  • How the Veeam DataLab works
  • How Windows Server Upgrades work
  • How to test the process 
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The health care industry faces constant pressure today. While costs should be reduced, SLAs (service level agreements) must also be met. Moreover, consumers rely on private data, which means it is vital that it be kept safe and well-managed. The goal to digitize data and make it available no matter what has become increasingly crucial today.

Read this new IDG Enterprise white paper to learn how health care organizations are digitally transforming their infrastructures and find out which key guidelines they’re using to enable Intelligent Data Management.

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Higher education is an industry that’s in a constant state of Digital Transformation. Even though educational institutions continue to face budget cuts, along with increasing statutory, regulatory and sub-regulatory requirements, customers, faculty members and investors continue to expect access to their data from anywhere, at any time and on every available device type. In addition, with new cybercrime threats, IT teams often struggle to keep up and remain on.

Read this new IDG Enterprise white paper to learn how higher education institutions are digitally transforming their infrastructures and find out which key guidelines they’re using to enable Intelligent Data Management.

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Financial services organizations now face many challenges as they try to meet expectations of today’s Always-On™ modern world. It has become difficult for organizations to stay ahead of increasing demands due to rapidly evolving regulatory requirements for data integrity and security, the continued growth of business-critical data and the sensitivity of financial information.

Read this new IDGE white paper to learn how financial services organizations today are meeting the trials and tribulations of digital transformation.

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Let's face it, digital data have become the lifeblood of the modern school system. Lesson plans, grades, student and staff records, correspondence, bus schedules—all now reside in the ether. Lose availability to that data and IT is going to hear about it, loudly.

When things go wrong and they lose availability to their data, schools must be able to restore lost data and get their services back up fast—at a price they can afford.

Here's how to do it.

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Today’s businesses require new levels of IT efficiency and infrastructure agility to meet user expectations and business demands. To overcome these challenges, Veeam® Availability solutions offer unique integration with Cisco HyperFlex hyperconverged systems to come together to transform IT infrastructures with data protection that is easy to deploy, simple to manage and scales as fast as businesses need change.

This solution brief highlights the unique advantages of Veeam Availability Suite™ when combined with Cisco HyperFlex, including:

  • Unique native Cisco HyperFlex snapshot integrationdelivering the lowest recovery point objectives (RPOs)
  • Faster backups without impacting production
  • Single or multi-site backup and replication
  • And more!
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With increasingly demanding customers, strict compliance regulations and complex operational concerns, telecommunication companies may be in more dire need of the Digital Transformation than almost any other enterprise. At the center of this transformation is data. With data become more critical than ever, Hyper-Availability is the key factor in optimizing operations, staying compliant, meeting the demands of modern customers and remaining competitive in a fast-evolving market.

In this new IDG Enterprise white paper, 5 Ways to Enable Digital Transformation in Telecom, you will learn:

  • How telecom companies are dealing with digital changes and data growth
  • Availability and security guidelines that facilitate Digital Transformation
  • How major telecom players, such as Vodafone and Telefonica, maintain nonstop connectivity
  • Keys of ensuring Intelligent Data Management 
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The digital economy has transformed the retail industry in several significant ways. Internet and mobile technologies now enable retailers to reach more consumers than ever, while also generating vast amounts of data and critical applications that need to be available anytime, anywhere and from any device.

This exponential growth of data over recent years has opened the door to new opportunities. At the same time, though, it has led to unprecedented management challenges for retail IT stakeholders that need to find solutions for this Hyper-Growth and Hyper-Sprawl of Data.

Read this new IDG Enterprise white paper, 6 Hyper-Availability Lessons to Successfully Enable Digital Transformation in Retail, to learn more about:

  • New digital-era opportunities for retailers
  • Unprecedented data challenges for retail IT stakeholders
  •  Data explosion causes and why Hyper-Availability is crucial to business success
  • And much more!
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Oil and gas companies are embracing Digital Transformation as the key driver of business value. As data centers modernize and data volumes grow, leaders depend on data Availability for competitive advantage and risk avoidance.

The Hyper-Growth and Hyper-Sprawl of Data are key challenges for these enterprises. New applications are processing data from virtualized storage environments as well as public and private clouds, users are often located in remote environments and mergers are bringing together disparate storage and VM environments. In this context of transformation, oil and gas companies must find a way to enable Intelligent Data Management.

Read this new IDG Enterprise white paper, 10 Must-Read Lessons for a Hyper-Available Oil & Gas Enterprise, to learn:

  • How the energy industry leverages data for business value
  • Why Hyper-Criticality of Data will only increase for oil and gas companies
  • Hyper-Availability guidelines that facilitate the Digital Transformation
  • How to keep exploration and production (E&P), pipeline operations and energy delivery available
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Hyper-Availability is a crucial cog in maximizing efficiency and profitability for today’s manufacturing organizations. Manufacturers are largely dependent on data, with the manufacturing line at the hub of an expanding digital network connecting suppliers, distributors, partners and customers.

Read this new IDG Enterprise white paper, Digital Transformation in Manufacturing and the 5 Keys to Hyper-Availability, to learn how manufacturers:

  • Become digital and rely more on data processes
  • Avoid downtime, minimize risk and become a Hyper-Available EnterpriseTM
  • Keep up with compliance
  • And much more!
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