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September 8, 2017

Veeam ONE Getting the Best Experience

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Veeam ONE Getting the Best Experience
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Management of your protected infrastructure is much more than just ensuring that your backups are successful. Monitoring your infrastructure and your backups is also important.

Monitoring, however, can be difficult due to the many tools now available that only monitor your infrastructure OR your backups, but not both. Veeam® ONE™ is Veeam’s flagship monitoring tool that combines real-time monitoring of both backups AND infrastructure, along with in-depth reporting of your infrastructure performance.

This white paper, Veeam ONE Getting the Best Experience, by EMEA Solution Architect Manager Paul Szelesi, is for anyone using Veeam ONE version 9.5 or below. In addition to explaining how to achieve effective monitoring and reporting, it also explains how simple and intuitive Veeam ONE can be for the user. Read the white paper now to learn more about using these Veeam ONE features and tools:

  • Veeam ONE Monitor, to understand alarms and infrastructure
  • Veeam ONE Business View, to categorize down in an organization from the top-level to individual departments, sites or regions
  • Veeam ONE Reporter to view relevant reports and schedule emails for your organization or specific departments
  • Veeam ONE data to plan for growth and change in your business
  • And much more!