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Veeam Availability Suite v8 Includes Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam ONE

Data Loss Avoidance

Near-continuous data protection and streamlined disaster recovery

Veeam® Backup & Replication™ provides multiple backup options designed to meet your needs and ensure the fastest, most efficient backups possible. With 2-in-1: backup and replication™, you can also replicate either on site for high availability or off site for disaster recovery. These features and more combine to help you avoid data loss by enabling low recovery point objectives (RPOs) of < 15 minutes and facilitating offsite data protection.

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Application-aware, image-based backup

Ensure complete, consistent backups

Veeam Backup & Replication uses application-aware image processing based on Microsoft VSS to create its image-level backups for virtual machines (VMs) running VSS-aware applications (such as Microsoft Active Directory, SQL Server, Exchange and SharePoint) without shutting them down. This means there are no unfinished database transactions or incomplete application files during data copying operations, which leads to transactionally consistent backups. Veeam’s proprietary technology also ensures successful VM recovery and proper recovery of all applications installed on the VM without any data loss, and performs application-specific steps upon successful backup (such as transaction log truncation).

Veeam is the only solution to support VSS correctly because it uses its own VSS driver. This provides database-consistent backups, not just crash-consistent backups.

Barry Blakeley
Infrastructure Architect
Mazda North American Operations

Automatic Intelligent Load Balancing

Maximize backup performance

Scale your single Veeam Backup & Replication installation to protect thousands of servers and petabytes of data without adding complexity or compromising the performance of your backup jobs. Automatic Intelligent Load Balancing ensures high-performance backups within the Veeam Backup & Replication distributed architecture, while Backup I/O Control ensures that production workloads are not negatively impacted by backup jobs.

Learn more about Automatic Intelligent Load Balancing and Backup I/O Control

Replication enhancements

Improve offsite backup and recovery

Off site backup and recovery is a critical part of any disaster recovery (DR) plan. Improve your DR plan and avoid data loss with our new replication enhancements available in our Enterprise Plus editions of Veeam Availability Suite™, Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam Backup Essentials™. Our new replication enhancements deliver:

  • Built-in WAN Acceleration that enables up to 50x faster replication and up to a 20x reduction in bandwidth consumption
  • Replication from backup files without impacting your production environment
  • Failover Plans for built-in orchestration that enable easy 1-click site failover
  • Planned Failover that facilitates data center migrations with zero data loss
Learn more about replication enhancements

Backup from Storage Snapshots (HP and NetApp)

Leverage the power of storage snapshots

Create image-based backups and replicas from storage snapshots as often as you need to—even during business hours—with little to no impact to your production environment. Veeam combines the best of both worlds, providing you with VMware vSphere snapshots for application-consistent backups and storage snapshots for low RPOs. With Backup from Storage Snapshots you get:

  • Fast backups: Back up vSphere VMs from HP and NetApp storage snapshots up to 20x faster
  • Improved protection: Improve DR protection by creating instant, secondary backups from NetApp snapshots
  • Plentiful platforms: Supported storage platforms include HP StoreServ (3PAR), StoreVirtual (LeftHand/P4000 series) and StoreVirtual VSA (Virtual Storage Appliance), as well as NetApp FAS Series, NetApp FlexArray (V-Series) and Edge VSA
Learn more about Backup from Storage SnapshotsRead this white paper: NetApp Storage Snapshots with Veeam Backup & Replication

The combination of HP Converged Storage and Veeam Backup & Replication software accelerates backup and recovery to help customers minimize data loss without sacrificing organization-wide productivity.

Steve Crimi
Senior Director of Business Development and Alliances

Video: Backup from Storage Snapshots

Built-in WAN Acceleration

Faster offsite backups

Strengthen your data protection strategy by copying your backups off site to remote storage. By utilizing caching, variable block length data fingerprinting and TCP/IP protocol optimizations, Built-in WAN Acceleration speeds up backup data transfer across the WAN up to 50x. Veeam’s Built-in WAN Acceleration requires no agents, special network setup requirements or the need to add bandwidth.

Learn more about Built-in WAN Acceleration

Built-in WAN acceleration helped us another way too. We put Veeam backup proxies in our remote offices so we can back up VMs in those offices to local storage. We use WAN acceleration to transfer backup copies to our datacenter. Before Veeam’s WAN acceleration, we found it impossible to transfer backup copies from remote offices because of bandwidth restraints. Some of the offices have broadband, but it was weak broadband, and these are 300-600 GB VMs. Veeam gives me peace of mind knowing our remote offices are backed up to the datacenter so I can restore VMs if any office crashes.

Todd Leavitt
IT Manager
PBS Engineering and Environmental Inc.

Veeam Cloud Connect

Fast and secure cloud backup

Avoid the risk of catastrophic data loss through hosted backup repositories with Veeam Cloud Connect. It’s the easy, efficient way to get backups off site to a service provider through:

  • Hosted offsite backups: Get your backups off site to a hosted cloud repository through an SSL connection and cloud gateway
  • Complete visibility and control: Access and recover data in hosted backup repositories directly from the backup console
  • Modern backup architecture: Leverage Built-in WAN Acceleration, Backup Copy jobs, forever incremental backups and MORE
A Service Provider? Learn more here
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I have hoped & dreamed Veeam would launch something like this and now that it is finally here… WOW!

Rasmus Haslund
Systems Engineer
Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions

Native tape support

Long-term retention made easy

Meet your compliance requirements and lengthy archiving policies with native tape support. You can archive entire VM backups or regular individual files to tape media and restore your data from tape whenever needed. Veeam Backup & Replication provides support for virtual tape libraries (VTLs), tape libraries and standalone drives and tracks on-tape files, VMs and restore points, allowing you to easily locate items and quickly restore them.

Learn more about Native tape support

Another reason we chose Veeam is because it helps us meet security requirements more efficiently. We’re required to keep tapes of backed up data offsite for a period of time, but storing tapes offsite makes day-to-day VM or file-level recoveries time-consuming because the tapes have to be requested from third-party vendors. With Veeam’s WAN optimization and tape support, we can send our backups across the WAN to Pretoria and offload them to tape once a month. We meet regulatory requirements and can restore VMs faster and easier.

Pieter Kruger
Senior Manager for Hosted Services
PricewaterhouseCoopers South Africa

EMC Data Domain Boost support

Get ready for faster backups!

With EMC Data Domain Boost you get source-side data deduplication, yielding faster, more efficient backups that enable lower RPOs and lower exposure to data loss. The benefits of combining the Veeam Backup & Replication with EMC Data Domain Boost include:

  • Up to 50% faster backup performance
  • 10x faster synthetic full backup file creation and transformation for even shorter backup windows
  • Fibre Channel connectivity enabling LAN-free backup to Data Domain
Learn more about EMC Data Domain Boost support

Veeam ran a synthetic full backup without EMC Data Domain Boost taking 2 hours and 54 minutes, with Boost it took 11 minutes and 27 seconds, almost 16 times faster.

Adam Armstrong
Writer for StorageReview.com

End-to-end encryption

Flexible security for backups

Secure your backup data with end-to-end AES 256 encryption—at source (during backup), in-flight and at rest—all without any negative impact on built-in compression and WAN Acceleration. Even if the password is lost, you can still recover data from encrypted backup files without compromising security.

You also have flexibility over when and where you choose to leverage encryption. For example, you can leave local backups unencrypted for faster backup and restore performance, but encrypt backups that are copied to an offsite target or to tape. You can also protect different backups with different passwords, while actual encryption keys are generated randomly within each session for added security.

Learn more about end-to-end encryption

Built-in compression and deduplication

Save cost without sacrificing performance

To decrease network traffic and disk space required for storing backup files, Veeam Backup & Replication provides compression and deduplication included at no extra charge. Deduplication transfers only the data you need across the network, and with Veeam, you can choose from four different options―based on VM size and type of backup target―so you can optimize backup size and job performance. Veeam also offers five levels of compression that allow you to find the right balance of storage consumption, job duration and backup proxy load, including dedupe-friendly compression designed for storage devices with built-in deduplication.

Learn more about built-in compression and deduplication

With Veeam’s data deduplication, the backup window shrunk, and the amount of backup storage required decreased substantially as well. Now we save approximately $50,000 each year on backup storage costs because of Veeam.

Barry Stewart
IT Manager
Prairie South School Division

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