Veeam at Cloud Field Day 5

Veeam had the pleasure of joining GestaltIT in Santa Clara, California and presenting at Cloud Field Day 5. It has been a few years since Veeam last presented at a Tech Field Day event, so it was enjoyable and exciting for us to be back as a company. Join the three key Product Strategy team members Anthony Spiteri, David Hill and Michael Cade in their talks during the event.
David Hill
Posted by David Hill

Published: April 19, 2019

How to get App ID, App secret and app password in Office 365

Starting from the recently released version 3, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 allows for retrieving your cloud data in a more secure way by leveraging modern authentication. For backup and restores, you can now use service accounts enabled for multi-factor authentication (MFA). In this article, you will learn how it works and how to set up things quickly.
Polina Vasileva
Posted by Polina Vasileva

Published: April 11, 2019

Disaster recovery plan documentation with Veeam Availability Orchestrator

Without a doubt, the automated reporting engine in Veeam Availability Orchestrator and the disaster recovery plan documentation it produces are among its most powerful capabilities. They’re something we’ve had a lot of overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers that benefit from them, and I feel that sharing some more insights into what these documents are capable of will help you understand how you can benefit from them, too.
Sam Nicholls
Posted by Sam Nicholls

Published: April 3, 2019

Join us at AWS Summits!

Veeam is excited to be a Global Diamond Sponsor at all 39 AWS Summits around the world, participating jointly with N2WS, our top-rated AWS backup and DR solution. These events are a great opportunity for organizations not only to learn about the latest innovations in areas like cloud mobility, data retention, and disaster recovery, but also to engage with the AWS community and exchange the latest best practices around the cloud. Check here for the latest schedule of AWS Summits — they’re free events so there’s no excuse not to attend!
Yesica Schaaf
Posted by Yesica Schaaf

Published: April 3, 2019

What’s new in v3 of Veeam’s Office 365 backup

It is no secret anymore, you need a backup for Microsoft Office 365! While Microsoft is responsible for the infrastructure and its availability, you are responsible for the data as it is your data. And to fully protect it, you need a backup. It is the individual company’s responsibility to be in control of their data and meet the needs of compliance and legal requirements. In addition to having an extra copy of your data in case of accidental deletion, here are five more reasons WHY you need a backup.
Niels Engelen
Posted by Niels Engelen

Published: April 2, 2019

New features of the redesigned Veeam ONE: Business View

Veeam ONE Business View has been redesigned to give you a business insight across your entire IT environment. One of the many benefits of using Business View is that it allows your environment to become simple to manage and digest from a non-technical perspective. With its recent update, Business View is now accessible within the Veeam ONE Monitor which makes it the single tool for performance monitoring, alarms and categorization.
Kirsten Stoner
Posted by Kirsten Stoner

Published: March 27, 2019