Veeam Hardened Repository passes independent compliance assessment

Veeam Backup & Replication v11 introduces the Hardened Repository as a secure place where backups can be stored immutably for a configured amount of time. With the Hardened Repository, Veeam created a WORM (write once, read many) storage option for Veeam backups. And the best part, this new role can be deployed on ANY general-purpose Linux server, without locking you down to the special proprietary hardware. Read more
Hannes Kasparick; ?>
Hannes Kasparick

Senior Analyst, Product Management

Installing Veeam Agent for Mac via Microsoft Intune

Where has the time gone? It was in 2015 when Veeam jumped in to enable endpoint protection for Microsoft Windows. In 2016, we expanded agent support to include Linux, and in 2020, provided application consistency for MySQL and PostgreSQL via the Veeam Agent for Linux. Now with the release of Veeam Backup & Replication v11, Veeam enables protection for macOS with Veeam Agent for Mac! Read more
Chris McDonald; ?>
Chris McDonald

Senior Systems Engineer

Announcing the Data Protection Trends Report for 2021

Last week, Veeam published what we believe to be the largest independent research report on data protection ever. That’s a big claim, but if you look at most analysts’ reports, they typically survey 200 to 400 unbiased respondents; 300 is a sweet spot for regular research. Big reports might survey 600-800, maybe even 1,000 respondents. Veeam contracted a third-party research firm to do a blind survey of 3,000 IT Decision Makers, mostly in organizations over 1,000 employees across 28 countries around the world, all of whom influenced or determined the data protection strategies of their organizations. Read more
Jason Buffington; ?>
Jason Buffington

Vice President, Solutions Strategy

Extend your business resilience to business critical applications with Veeam, Cisco and Pure Storage

Business-critical applications, like databases, messaging, collaboration and even big data and AI/ML are the foundation for today’s modern enterprises. Now more than ever, these applications have to perform flawlessly, which requires an infrastructure that is built for these applications. The applications need a total eco-system that is able to support their ability to perform, including networking, compute, automation, load balancing and storage to name just a few, all to assure maximum performance and availability. Beyond the physical and virtual infrastructure, you also need to pay attention to the actual data and applications, assuring they are available and recoverable should (when) an issue arise. Together, these can keep the application always available and performing at speeds that enable the business to ... Read more
Andrew Lickly; ?>
Andrew Lickly

Senior Manager, Alliance Product Marketing

How to deploy Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 in Azure, AWS or IBM Cloud

You may have heard Veeam is the leader in backup for Microsoft 365 with Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365. But did you know this software has many flexible deployment types from CapEx on-prem to completely OpEx IaaS in the cloud? In fact, this software can be deployed directly from the AWS or Azure marketplace, and in IBM Cloud, with the software already installed and ready for your organization. Running the software on a hyper-scale cloud like Azure, AWS or IBM Cloud can help align your company with any cloud-first initiative and cloud migration goals while giving you back control of your data. Read more
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Karinne Bessette

Technologist, Product Strategy

Undercover no more: Meet the new Veeam Agent for Mac and the rest of the band

Despite cloud and virtual environments' popularity and rapid containers adoption, physical servers and endpoints' protection remain crucial for a proper backup strategy for many organizations out there. Veeam keeps providing support for those types of systems, ensuring that all Windows, Linux and now Mac workloads can be centrally managed and protected. With the V11 release, we expand this offering even further, so let's dive into new capabilities and discuss how you can leverage them better in your company. Read more
Andrew Zhelezko; ?>
Andrew Zhelezko

Global Technologist, Product Strategy

91 recovery scenarios with Veeam Backup & Replication v11

Like many of you out there, I’m a visual person. Whenever it comes down to some technical information, whether it’s a software function description or a company virtual architecture planning proposal, I can catch myself getting lost after a minute (only if I’m not presented with a nice scheme of said material). Given that, I’ve always been helping develop lots of Veeam-related illustrations, icons and presentations throughout my career here. Read more
Andrew Zhelezko; ?>
Andrew Zhelezko

Global Technologist, Product Strategy

V11: The Veeam and NetApp Innovation Continues

Since 2014, Veeam and NetApp have worked closely together to support tight integration between the two organizations. NetApp’s concept of the data fabric ensures that a business's data is always on, always available and easily consumed and ties nicely into Veeam's always-on data availability message. The most-recent release of Veeam Backup & Replication v11 among other Veeam technologies continues to accelerate and innovate with NetApp. Let’s take a look at a few ways Veeam and NetApp work together when it comes to Veeam’s most-recent release. Read more
Melissa Palmer; ?>
Melissa Palmer

Team Lead/Senior Technologist, Product Strategy