Veeam Cloud Provider (VCP) Program

Veeam Cloud Provider (VCP) Program

Hosting, managed service and cloud service providers:
How do you enable your clients’ Always-On Business?

Use Veeam’s award-winning software as part of your service offerings with special licensing exclusively for hosting, managed service and cloud service providers.

  • Monthly rental by the VM – eliminates up-front capex and aligns your spend with your revenue.
  • Perpetual licenses – ideal for long-term client contracts.

Join the 8,500 VMware VSPPs, Microsoft SPLA partners and other service providers that are already part of the Veeam Cloud Provider (VCP) program!

Program Overview

“The backup we offer with Veeam is an added value to our cloud services that helps us to generate more business.”

David Suárez, Director of Technology and Operations, Nexica

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“Veeam helps us complete the cloud solution for our clients. It’s not only about the infrastructure. Data protection is just as important.”

Larik-Jan Verschuren, Chief Technical Officer, Fundaments B.V.

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“As a cloud vendor, we bring value to our customers by fully automating backup and recovery.”

Nicki Pereira, Chief Technical Officer, Zettagrid

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“We found a solid partner in Veeam Software – the company understands virtualisation and how cloud providers operate.”

Bennett Oprysa, Chief Executive Officer, BitCloud

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“We make it clear to clients that it’s our job to worry about DR so they can focus on their business. Veeam Backup & Replication is an enabler for their success and ours.”

Matthew Chesterton, Chief Executive Officer, OffsiteDataSync

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Build your BDR business with Veeam

Backup is expanding to the cloud, and disaster recovery (DR) is widely recognized as a “killer app” for the cloud.

Let Veeam take you into these high-growth markets. Veeam can power a full range of service offerings, including:

  • BaaS: Backup-as-a-Service
  • DRaaS: Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

Whatever your clients’ needs and whatever your business strategy, Veeam is the best way to turn the cloud opportunity into your profitable reality.


Gain competitive advantage with Veeam

The hosting business has become highly competitive. Whether you offer IaaS, PaaS or SaaS, you need to drive down costs and provide an added level of service to your clients. Veeam helps you do both in an area of critical concern to your clients – backup and disaster recovery (BDR).


Connect with more than 157,000 Veeam customers and resellers

Veeam is used by more than 157,000 organizations around the world to protect more than 9.1 million VMs. Many of these organizations – and the resellers they rely on – are looking to extend on-premises deployments of Veeam offsite. This represents yet another opportunity for service providers that partner with Veeam to provide:

  • Cloud repositories – for offsite backups. Learn more
  • DR sites – leverage the cloud as a cost-effective alternative to traditional warm sites. Learn more
  • and more!

Grow recurring revenue and increase valuation

However you incorporate Veeam into your service offering:

  1. BaaS and DRaaS powered by Veeam
  2. Hosted (or managed) VMs protected by Veeam
  3. Offsite infrastructure for Veeam

… one thing is the same: Veeam is a great way to grow recurring revenue. And recurring revenue is a great way to increase company valuation – the ultimate measure of commercial success.

Partner for success

“We feel we're involved in a true partnership rather than a vendor-customer relationship. We’re taking an integrated approach with Veeam toward mutual success.”

Tim Vogel, Chief Technology Officer, Xtium

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The Veeam Cloud Provider (VCP) program is designed to build a partnership between you and Veeam.


Make more money with Veeam

Veeam drives both top-line and bottom-line revenue growth:

  • Increase client retention with the peace of mind that comes from Veeam-powered data protection.
  • Attract new clients with powerful backup, recovery and replication capabilities that become another reason for clients to have you manage or protect their workloads. You can even use Veeam to migrate workloads to the cloud.
  • Maximize revenue per client with tiered SLAs, chargeable restore services and compliance reporting – all at no extra cost to you.
  • Drive down costs: With Powerful, Easy-to-Use and Affordable Modern Data Protection – Built for Virtualization™ and the Cloud.
Program Overview

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