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#1 Backup and Recovery

Active Directory

  • Fast, reliable backup and granular recovery of objects, accounts and passwords
  • No need to restore an entire VM or use third‑party tools
  • Browse and restore directly from backup or replica

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Veeam® Availability Suite™ provides fast and reliable object‑level recovery for Active Directory from a single‑pass, agentless backup or storage snapshot without the need to restore an entire virtual machine (VM) or use third‑party tools.

Search and restore for all Active Directory (AD) object types, such as users, groups, computer accounts and contacts, including user and computer password recovery.

#1 Backup and Recovery tool for Microsoft Active Directory

  • Fast Backup

    • Fast, reliable, application‑aware, image‑based backups
    • Unlimited capacity and cost savings for long‑term data retention on object storage
    • Lower RPOs and faster backups to the leading storage providers
  • Direct Search

    • Advanced LDAP filter to quickly find individual objects and attributes
    • Web based, consolidated view of your distributed deployment
    • No need to login to individual backup servers, centralized reporting and consolidated alerting
  • Easy Restore

    • Restore items directly to their original location or export them to an LDIFDE format
    • Utilize multiple options including multi‑select restore and container restore
    • Restore Group Policy Objects, DNS records, and even tombstone objects

Covering you in those everyday disasters

With Veeam Availability Suite, in just a few clicks, you can restore the entire Active Directory container, push that OU back out along with all its attributes, including encrypted passwords. Simple!

Check out more amazing features below:

  • Create application‑consistent, image‑level backups with advanced, application‑aware processing for both virtual and physical environments
  • Restore Group Policy Objects (GPOs), Active Directory integrated Microsoft DNS records and Configuration Partition objects
  • Easily browse Active Directory databases in VM disks located on storage snapshots for Active Directory objects and attributes, including plain text and advanced LDAP filter based search capabilities
  • Export Active Directory objects and user attributes from a backup into LDIFDE format or complete an Active Directory object restore directly back into the production Active Directory database (.DIT)
  • Restore tombstone objects even if the tombstone value has expired by directly opening the NTDS.DIT (Active Directory’s database) file from a backup.

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Also available for ANY enterprise Application

Veeam Availability Suite allows you to quickly and reliably restore various enterprise applications, including Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server and Oracle!

Zero in on exactly what you need to recover and restore individual items directly from your backups for fast granular recovery.