Why orchestrate DR?

Regular downtime is a reality for many as risks from cyberattacks, component failure and natural disasters continue to increase. With an ever‑growing and more complex infrastructure, traditional recovery approaches of even a single application is challenging, not to mention an entire data center.

Veeam® Availability Orchestrator delivers a recovery orchestration engine for replicas, backups and storage snapshots that are purpose‑built for today’s DR needs. Plan, prove and execute your DR strategy in as little as one‑click.

Veeam Availability Orchestrator takes the pain out of orchestrating and maintaining 100% data availability, and it’s so efficient that we can even do testing during business hours, because it takes only 10 minutes or so.
Darren Warner
IT Operations Manager

End‑to‑end DR and compliance made simple

Reliable recovery

Perfectly sequenced orchestration of failover, failback, restores and migration:

  • Orchestrate from replicas, backups or NetApp ONTAP snapshots.
  • Templated steps for building a DR plan out‑of‑the‑box.
  • Intuitive HTML5‑based interface.
Automated testing

Rigorous on‑demand testing options in an isolated sandbox:

  • Zero impact on production systems. Run tests as long as you want, whenever you want.
  • Test migrations, updates and patches.
  • Provide isolated testing on actual production copies for DevOps and more.
Dynamic documentation

Actionable, easy‑to‑use reports and analytics:

  • Four different report types that document if recovery point objectives (RPOs) are met, what failed and more.
  • Automatically generated after every test, failover and recovery.
  • Provide DR documentations to stakeholders or compliance audits at a moment’s notice.

Get started today

The best part? Add Veeam Availability Orchestrator as a part of the DR Pack to another Veeam Backup product and get the price starting at just $30 per orchestrated VM!