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Any Cyberthreat
With a Single Solution

  • Total control over recovery
  • Multi layered‑immutability
  • Comprehensive monitoring
  • Ransomware Cyber Secure

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The new Veeam Data Platform delivers secure ransomware protection with immutable and air‑gapped backup and Instant Recovery at scale of any workload in your multi‑cloud infrastructure. No one can prevent a cyberattack, so be prepared for rapid recovery with Veeam.


Overcome Any Cyberthreat With a Single Solution

  • Total Control Over Recovery

    The most options for fast recovery after an attack:

    • Instant Recovery for critical workloads
    • Recovery from storage snapshots
    • Recovery from replicas
  • Multi‑Layered Immutability

    Total confidence that your data is protected:

    • Immutability for each storage layer
    • Direct‑to‑object‑storage both on premises and in the cloud
    • Insights to show your data is protected
  • Complete Data Mobility

    Restore anywhere, from the data center to the cloud, and get back in production faster:

    • Backup on‑premises to the cloud
    • Back up the cloud on‑premises
    • Back up cloud to cloud
  • Comprehensive Monitoring

    Gain control over your data with powerful monitoring and analytics:

    • Proactive alerts for threat detection
    • Real‑time visibility into your backup environment
    • Active monitoring of recovery resources
  • Simplicity Through Automation

    Automate testing and recovery to reduce manual overhead:

    • Backup recovery verification
    • Dynamic documentation for testing and failover plans
    • Assure that your recover point objectives and recovery time objectives

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