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Meet the amazing speakers and presenters for VeeamON 2023!

Spotlight Speakers

  • Chris Voss photo

    Chris Voss

    Former Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator for the FBI and CEO of The Black Swan Group

  • Katie Linendoll photo

    Katie Linendoll

    Emmy Award‑winning TV personality, consumer technology expert, and one of the leading women in the field of technology

  • Tripp Crosby photo

    Tripp Crosby

    Comedic host, inspirational speaker, and filmmaker

  • Anand Eswaran photo

    Anand Eswaran

    Chief Executive Officer,

    Veeam Software

  • Danny Allan photo

    Danny Allan

    Chief Technology Officer,

    Veeam Software

  • Tamecka McKay photo

    Tamecka McKay

    Chief Information Officer,

    City of Fort Lauderdale

  • Robbie Hudec photo

    Robbie Hudec

    Chief Information Security Officer,

    Ciox Health

  • Anton Gostev photo

    Anton Gostev

    Chief Product Officer,

    Veeam Software

  • Dave Russell photo

    Dave Russell

    Vice President, Enterprise Strategy,

    Veeam Software

  • Emilee Tellez photo

    Emilee Tellez

    Product Strategy Technologist,

    Veeam Software

  • Eric Kubla photo

    Eric Kubla

    IT Server Manager,

    First Commonwealth Bank

  • Jake Burns photo

    Jake Burns

    Enterprise Strategist,


  • Claude-Jacques Tronquet photo

    Claude-Jacques Tronquet

    Director, Global Systems,


  • Lee Speeks photo

    Lee Speeks

    Senior Systems Engineer,

    Hanover County Government

  • David Loveless photo

    David Loveless

    IT Domain Lead - Storage & Data Centre,

    Admiral Group

  • Eric Norman photo

    Eric Norman

    Head of Infrastructure Architecture & Innovation,


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