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With diverse learning platforms and experiences designed to amplify your career, you're in control of your professional growth and development. Dive in to learn more about available opportunities and how to take advantage of them.
Millions of technology enthusiasts are connecting to share knowledge, resources, opinions and experiences from around the globe. Would you like to become the part of this action?
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Get to know the best experts in the industry. Find blogs, podcasts and all the resources where these experts share personal stories, technology stories and much more.
It's all about the apps
When living in a digital world with a DevOps culture shift, everyone needs to learn a thing or two about modern and effective ways to implement applications.
VMware products
Do you run private data centers, cloud management services, virtualized storage, networking or desktop software? VMware has something for everyone! Find out more about VMware solutions here.
This conference is the place to learn about innovative technology solutions, hear perspectives from VMware executives, dive into educational and technical content and engage with experts across the industry. Take advantage of this opportunity.
The magic world of vTrail is too cool to fit into a mobile screen, so switch to desktop to explore this universe!
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Technology isn’t about hardware or software; it’s about people. Our entire industry is based on someone who has a problem and someone else pounding away on a keyboard somewhere to create a solution to that problem. Technologists around the globe come together to share their experiences with the rest of the world through podcasts!

Eric Wright

is a Technology Evangelist, Blogger, #Community, #vFit run, bike, guitar, #VirtualDesignMaster co‑creator.

@discoposse discoposse.com
Pete Flecha

Technical Marketing for VMware's storage and availability products. Host of the Virtually Speaking Podcast.

@vPedroArrow vtme.wordpress.com
John Nicholson

Technical Marketing vSAN at VMware — Storage and Availability. Virtually Speaking Podcast Expert.

@Lost_Signal thenicholson.com
Keith Townsend

is an IT architect with over 20 years of experience helping organizations optimize IT infrastructures and has founded the CTO Advisor firm

@CTOAdvisor ctoadvisor.com
Alex Galbraith

is a passionate technology agnostic, by day, Alex leads the EMEA Cloud Architecture function at Rackspace. By night, he dons his headphones, mic and cape, to share his view on life, the universe and everything!

@AlexGalbraith tekhead.it/blog
Kev Johnson

OpenTechCast’s Northern Correspondent, and Tech Marketing Engineer for vSphere at VMware. Got drawn into the podcast game via a drunken chat on Twitter, and the rest is history

@kev_johnson v-it.pro
Ather Beg

is an Enterprise Solutions Architect and works for Rackspace. His focus is on all things related to cloud, technology, storage, virtualization and whatever comes in between

@AtherBeg atherbeg.com
Amit Panchal

is a VMware Technology Lead at Dell Technologies. His passion for technology, business, psychology and finance is what drives him to learn and share more with the community. Always open for a chat and a nice bite to eat

@amitpanchal76 apanchal.com
Gareth Edwards

Gareth is an infrastructure engineer at Ecotricity. He is a passionate technologist and a keen vCommunity member who enjoys mentoring people as a vExpert Pro

@GarethEdwards86 virtualisedfruit.co.uk
Lauren Malhoit

Tech. Product Marketing @Juniper. Co-host of @TechVillagePod. Published Author. PluralSight Author. Binge watcher.

@Malhoit adaptingit.com
Yadin Porter de Leon

vExpert, Founder of the Level Up Project, Silicon Valley VMUG leader, founding member of the IMC, homebrewer and relentlessly curious. Reach out to Yadin.

@porterdeleon linkedin.com/in/porterdeleon/

If only two people in the world know how good you are and what you’re capable of doing, then those two people effectively control your professional destiny. Increasing the number of people who are exposed to your skills and expertise in a meaningful way is difficult for most, but blogging is a great way to share what you can do while improving your skills a writer.

William Lam

Staff Solutions Architect in the VMware Cloud on AWS team within the Cloud Platform Business Unit (CPBU) at VMware. Primarily focused on automation, integration and operation of the Software Defined Data center (SDDC).

Anthony Spiteri

Senior Global Technologist, Product Strategy @Veeam Tech Addict | vCloud | Terraform | vExpert 2012-2020 | vExpert NSX/vSAN/Cloud VCIX-NV | VCAP-DCV

A technology blog focused on all things hosting and cloud. Anthony leverages his experience working in Service Providers working on leading technology platforms such as VMware, Veeam and Microsoft to write about issues, fixes and trends in the industry. Anthony also provides commentary on where the industry is heading and what technologies are coming next.
A personal blog about virtualization, primarily focused on VMware automation, integration and operations for the everyday virtualization administrator. In addition to these topics, William also provides many tips and tricks for the various products within the VMware portfolio.

#Homelab and #HomeDC playing an important role in personal development as well as helping customers with specific problems. The following homelabers are building labs to learn, implement, troubleshoot or showcasing different solutions.

Manfred “Fred” Hofer

is a Senior Technical Account Manager @VMware and sole creator of www.vbrain.info and the Backup Interoperability Matrix. vExpert and vExpert Pro, CiscoChampion, Technology and certification junkie.

Ather Beg

is an Enterprise Solutions Architect and works for Rackspace. His focus is on all things related to cloud, technology, storage, virtualization and whatever comes in between. Being in the industry for over 24 years, Ather has been a vExpert for 8 years running and is also vExpert NSX/HCX/Cloud. Ather is friendly and not dangerous at all so please do interact with him whenever you spot him in the vicinity.

Lindy Collier

is a VMUG leader for the largest community in the world, IndyVMUG. Founder of vLadies, host of Hello from my homelab for VMUG Advantage, vExpert class of 18, 19, 20 with more to come! Community evangelist, an aspiring IT geek.

VMware Career Journey Map

Your journey will take you in many directions. One path is through certifications, but the options are not limited to this chart. Reach out to one of the career section Ambassadors to explore all the opportunities that are out there.

Foundational knowledge of vSphere is required to work through any VMware track. A vSphere Install Configure Manage course, and a Data centerVirtualization (DCV) track would benefit all VMware disciplines. That being said, VMware offers training for multiple career disciplines.

Linda Smith

vExpert 2019, LonVMUG Leader. Day job is managing training partners across EMEA. Mum to 3 - 2 human, 1 canine.

Iris Polit

Senior Manager of Global Marketing at VMware. Writes and speaks about brain hacking, personal branding, career transition,and thriving in the workplace. Co‑author of the best‑selling book, Mastering the Art of Success.

AWS certification

It’s no secret that Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud is a heavyweight contender in the public cloud space. From the fundamental Cloud Practitioner certification, all the way up to the advanced specialty certs, getting certified can be a huge boon to your career in IT.

Chris Williams

Chris is an AWS Community Hero, VMware vExpert and Multicloud Consultant for WWT — a technology solution and service provider. He co‑organizes the AWS Portsmouth User Group, and both hosts and presents on vBrownBag. He is also an active mentor, helping students at the University of New Hampshire through Diversify Thinking—an initiative focused on empowering girls and women to pursue education and careers in STEM.

Concise explanation of all the AWS certifications, relative level of difficulty, format, and what order you should take them.
Hosted by Simon Elisha & Jeff Barr, this podcast is the defacto standard in staying up to date on all things AWS.
10 hour long video from freeCodeCamp that gives a really in depth breakdown of the services you need to know to pass the new 2020 exam.
Career Journey Podcast

Join host Al Rasheed – Systems Administrator, vExpert, and DC VMUG Leader – for a candid conversation with fellow IT leaders about the successes and challenges of VMware solutions. New episodes launch weekly. Join the conversation on Twitter by tweeting @myvmug or @al_rasheed and tagging #VMUGUnfiltered.

Al Rasheed

Al is a systems administrator for a services company supporting federal agencies & Fortune 1000 clients. He's also a long‑time member of the VMUG community, VMware vExpert, VMUG Leader, host of the VMUG #Unfiltered podcast and holds multiple IT certifications. He's an active volunteer, sharing skills with diverse groups from Power Circle Mentors to children’s organizations or social services.

Free Online Training

One of the most powerful parts of the IT community is that there is so much great training information for free. Here are the places where you can get started.

Alastair Cooke

Alastair is the chief enabler at vBrownBag, and coordinator of the vBrownBag TechTalks. His day job includes writing about data center technology as well as developing and delivering training.

These eLearning self‑paces courses are offered in several languages.
Formed in 2010 this is a community of people who believe in helping other people. Specifically, they work in IT infrastructure and help other people in the IT industry to be better at their jobs by learning more about IT. Subscribe on YouTube or iTunes.
Tim provides a list of resources online that offer free training. Not just companies and organizations but also individual bloggers who share our knowledge and experience with the community.
Paid Training/VMware certification

For those looking for the paid certification courses, here’s what you can get started.

Official page
A great way to quickly come up to speed on VMware technologies is to attend a VMware Education Services training class. They're taught by VMware certified instructors, are based on the latest material, fulfill the training requirements for VMware’s certification, and most are offered online or live and can be completed in a week or less.
Through this popular online learning platform, you can explore several VMware certification course options led by members of the Vmware Community to evaluate your technical abilities or those of your teams, align learning to key business objectives and close skills gaps.
Founded by brothers Ryan and Sam Kroonenberg to solve the problem of AWS training being prohibitively expensive, this site delivers high‑quality training for public cloud at affordable prices. So far, over 135,000 students have taken Ryan’s AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate course.
Devops, Containers, K8

The DevOps culture shift: It’s all about working toward a common goal and enabling work in production while achieving stability, reliability, availability, and security.

Joe Houghes

Solutions Architect @Veeam focused on Automation, with a special love for PowerShell. @AustinVMUG & @ATXPowerShell Co-Leader, vExpert, CiscoChampion, ex-TFD Delegate

David Hill

A global technologist working within Veeam’s Product Strategy Group, developing the multi-cloud strategy. Prior to Veeam, he was the lead evangelist at VMware in the public cloud business unit. Over the past twenty years, he has been a successful entrepreneur, architect and business consultant working with some of the top consultancies and businesses around the world. David’s personal blog.

A fictional story about the pains of legacy IT, and the transformation of an organization to a DevOps culture.
The non-fictional follow-up which tells where to start.
This blog post explains the DevOps mindset, purpose, culture and definitions. Mentions many well-known DevOps influencers, displays some DevOps tools for your toolkit, and links to other great resources to get you started.
These are both online resources for learning through live demo platforms, requiring nothing but a web browser.

VMware and AWS have partnered to provide the new VMware vSphere-based cloud service running on AWS. This service will make it easier to run any application, using a common set of familiar software and tools in a consistent hybrid cloud environment.

Frances Wong

Cloud Partner Solution Architect in VMware’s Partner Organization, vExpert, Silicon Valley VMUG Leader, VMware HOL Captain, CTOA Ambassador. Focused on enabling our US Partners on VMware Cloud on AWS.

This post goes over the basics of what VMware Cloud on AWS is as a product and service. This is a great starting point for exploring the service.
In this episode, we get an overview of the service, key use cases, customer momentum and some of the key technical features and capabilities of VMware Cloud on AWS
Narayan Bharadwaj, Senior Director of Product Management, on VMware Cloud on AWS - Overview and Strategy during Field Tech Day 2020.
Enterprise applications #1
Sudhir Balasubramanian

Global Staff Solution Architect - Oracle Virtualization Practice Lead. VMware vExpert, Oracle ACE, co-author of Virtualizing Oracle Business Critical Databases on VMware SDDC.

@vracdba virtualizingoracle.wordpress.com
Deji Akomolafe

VMware Global Solutions Architect, Microsoft Applications Virtualization Practice Lead and Program Manager for the "Virtualize Africa" Initiative - a VMware's CSR Program

Oleg Ulyanov

Sr. Solution Architect, SQL Server Lead within the Cloud Platform Business Unit (CPBU) at VMware. Focused on everything SQL Server related, including day2 operations.

Enterprise applications #2
ML & Big Data
Justin Murray

Sr Tech Marketing Solution Architect at VMware specializing in working with VMware’s partners and customers on technical architecture and deploying machine learning and big data systems on vSphere.

Mohan Potheri

VCDX#98, HPC Solution Architect with more than 20 years in IT infrastructure. He currently evangelizes "High Performance Computing (HPC)" and "Big Data” Virtualization on vSphere.

VMworld virtual / sessions 1

VMworld 2020 will be a global online event starting September 29 - October 1, 2020. While the program will be adapted to fit the new digital format, VMworld will be the place to learn about innovative new technology solutions, hear perspectives from VMware executives, dive into educational and technical content, and engage with experts across the industry ecosystem.

Reach out to Craig to learn more about what to do while you’re there.

Craig Waters

Craig is a senior product manager working for Pure Storage in Silicon Valley. He owes his career development path to contributing to the #vCommunity, “seriously!”

VMworld community 2
VMunderground - Opening Acts

This event has taken place the day before the US VMworld show starts for the last 9 years. VMunderground’s Opening Acts has grown into the biggest community-organized event at VMworld. It’s proven to be a great way to hear from expert panels in a less formal setting, start talking with others about what they’re doing with the technology and relax after a long day of travel.

Brian Knudtson

Brian has become VMunderground’s project manager and a member of the VMware community from the very first VMworld. Also, an early member of the VMTN forum, co-founding the Omaha-area VMUG, attaining vExpert status every year, and speaking at numerous VMUG and VMware event.

vBrownBag stage
It’s on this year! There will be a virtual vBrownBag stage, which hosts a fantastic series of intimate tech talks, live streamed on their website. Access the sessions via the podcast as well.
Alastair Cooke

Alastair is the chief enabler at vBrownBag, and coordinator of the vBrownBag TechTalks. His day job includes writing about data center technology as well as developing and delivering training.

VMware communities

It’s all about the communities! Here are so many places to go, so many communities to join, it can feel overwhelming. We suggest that you get started here and then, by networking with other members, you can see where your passion and curiosity lead you.

Officially launched in August of 2010, the VMware User Group is an independent, global, customer‑led organization, created to maximize members’ use of VMware and partner solutions through knowledge sharing, training, collaboration, and events. It has a global network of 150,000+ members worldwide, including 200+ local groups that connect you with peers and experts. Join to gain access to local, regional and virtual events featuring top VMware speakers.
Steve Athanas

is the president of VMUG. He works with VMUG members around the globe to accelerate members’ careers and achieve organizational goals and objectives

VMware Technology Network is an ecosystem of more than 100 forums where about 3 million VMware enthusiasts and customers connecting to share knowledge, resources, opinions, and experiences globally, 24/7.
Corey Romero

is a VMTN + vExpert Ambassador. VMware vExpert & VMware Community Manager.

Our mission for vLadies is a VMUG community focused on leadership development and the empowerment of women within the VMware community. Our goal is to bring awareness and participation to local user groups giving a place to gather and talk in a friendly and supportive environment. It provides inspiration through networking and social events, builds confidence, and become visible in the community. Who knows, you could be asked to tell your story on the next panel, so keep a lookout for the Women RockStars of VMUG at your local UserCon!
Lindy Collier

is a VMUG leader for the largest community in the world, IndyVMUG. Founder of  vLadies, host of Hello From My Homelab for VMUG Advantage, vExpert class of 18, 19, 20 with more to come!

vExpert Program

The vExpert program is VMware's global evangelism and advocacy program. This program is designed to recognize community members who exemplify the best traits of sharing and service to fellow community members. VMware offers promotion of your articles, exposure at VMware’s global events, co‑op advertising, traffic analysis, and early access to beta programs and VMware's roadmap. This program is awarded to individuals, not companies, and lasts for one year. Employees of both customers and partners can receive this award.

Benefits include
  • Exclusive Slack channel access
  • Private VMTN Forum access
  • Access to private Betas
  • Software licenses for Home Lab
  • Exclusive VMworld Party at US and EMEA VMworlds
  • Exclusive webinars
  • Access to vExpert logo usage
  • 3rd Party NFR Licensing
Martijn Smit

VMware Technical Marketing Architect on vRealize Network Insight. Proud Dutchman (stroopwafels!) and has spent around 16 as an IT professional, mostly focused on network & virtualisation operations. vExpert since 2015, vExpert PRO since 2018.

Tech for Good

At VMware, our EPIC2 values are a core component of who we are. We manifest our values in all aspects of our work and through being a Force for Good in our communities. When I initially read an article about Folding@Home and the project’s impact in helping researchers find treatments for diseases such as Coronavirus, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and more, I knew that I had to contribute to the project!

Amanda Blevins

Amanda is a Sr. Director and Chief Technologist in the Office of the CTO at VMware. She focuses on cloud, edge, and emerging technologies. She leads the Office of the CTO Global Field Programs that develop technical talent and, most importantly, Amanda believes in "doing the right thing".

Social Media Ambassadors

Want to find out how to use Twitter and other social media platforms to connect with others in the community? Reach out to one of these ambassadors who can get you started.

Dana’s Starter Social Media Bucket List for Conferences
  • You’d be surprised whose attention you can get by sharing an insight or quote from a presentation. If you’re brave enough, share your opinion on something that’s been said. (Don’t forget to tag the speaker and event accounts, and use the relevant hashtags. Bonus points for including a visual.)
  • For a sense of the conversations surrounding the event and presentations, look up hashtags like: #vCommunity, #VMworld2020, #vExpert. Don’t be shy to add your two cents!
  • There’s nothing stopping you from starting a 1:1 conversation with somebody to learn more about them. (Except, maybe, Twitter’s functionality that sometimes requires both people to be following one another before enabling a Direct Messaging option.) Casually introduce yourself via DM and ask someone what they do, what they’re working on, and see where the conversation goes.
Dana Iskoldski

She runs Corporate Communications at BlueCat. Two years ago she was completely new to the IT space. Can talk about: baking bread, playing tennis, making friends in new‑to‑you communities, becoming more visible in your space.

Michael Cade

Michael is a Senior Global Technologist for Veeam Software. Based in the UK, with over 16 years of industry experience with a key focus on technologies such as cloud native, automation & data management. Big on the IT Community and a member of the vExpert, Cisco Champion, NetApp A Team and more recently the HashiCorp Ambassadors.


VMware vSphere is the brand name for VMware's suite of virtualization products. Before 2009, VMware vSphere was known as VMware Infrastructure.

Melissa Palmer

Melissa is a Product Strategy Technologist @Veeam #VCDX‑236. CreativeDirector @VDMChallenge. Author @ITArchJourney. vExpert. NetAppATeam. CiscoChampion. Rockets. NASAsocial.

Nick Marshall discusses changes in vSphere 6 with an overview of the enhancements and features new in vSphere 6 such as the Platform Services Controller, vVOLs, vSAN, NIOC, and more
This article walks you through different options that are available to help you get started with vSphere, from Hands on Labs to book recommendations.
Niels Hagoort and Frank Denneman discuss the depths of vSphere 6.5 host resources in order to help you maximize the performance of your virtual infrastructure and provide a deeper understanding of essentials such as CPU, memory, and storage.

VMware vCenter Server is a centralized application for managing your vSphere environments.

Emad Younis

Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at VMware in the R&D organization responsible for the vCenter Server Appliance, vCenter Migrations, and VMware Cloud on AWS

vSphere Resource Management

This section covers vSphere resource allocation and resource management concepts. This information is for system administrators who want to understand how the system manages resources and how they can customize the default behavior.

Frank Denneman

Chief Technologist Cloud Platform BU. Tech advisor @EVOventurepartn. Co-author of vSphere technical deep-dive series.


VMware vSAN is enterprise‑class, storage virtualization software that, when combined with vSphere, allows you to manage compute and storage with a single platform. With vSAN, you can reduce the cost and complexity of traditional storage and take the easiest path to HC infrastructure and hybrid cloud.

John Nicholson

Technical Marketing vSAN at VMware — Storage and Availability. Virtually Speaking Podcast Expert. vExpert 2013‑2016

VMware announces vSAN 7.0 and Pete Koehler walks you through the details of the feature‑packed release with advanced enterprise features that make vSAN faster, more cost‑effective and more secure than ever before.

vVols defines a new virtual disk container (Virtual Volume) that is independent of the underlying physical storage representation. This virtual disk becomes the primary unit of data management, eliminating pre‑allocated LUNs/Volumes. vVols enables storage operations with VM granularity, leveraging native array‑based data services and software‑based data services.

With VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols), it is much simpler to deliver and enable the right storage service levels according to the specific requirements of individual VMs. By having finer control over storage resources and data services down to the VM level, the VI administrator can create exact combinations and precisely deliver storage service levels.

Cody Hosterman

is the Technical Director of VMware Solution Engineering at Pure Storage and is in charge of the technical VMware strategy for the FlashArray and Cloud Block Store product lines. Cody has been a VMware vExpert since 2013, his blog was voted a #7 vBlog in 2019, and was named a VMworld Distinguished Speaker in 2020.

VMware End-User Computing

VMware End-User Computing covers two main product sets - VMware Horizon and Workspace ONE. These products provide enterprises with the ability to deliver and manage secure end-user computing solutions. VMware Horizon is a suite of products for virtual desktop and application delivery. This platform can deliver to both on-premises data centers and in the public cloud.

VMware Workspace ONE is the simple and secure enterprise platform that delivers and manages any app on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Wouter Kursten

Professional Services Engineer @ControlUp, VMware EUC Champion, VMware vExpert (EUC), Nutanix NTC and is best known for his work with the VMware Horizon API’s. Holds the following certifications: VICX-DCV, VCIX-DTM, VCP-NV and as SME has contributed to several exams including vcap-dtm7 vcp-dcv 6.5 delta.

This community blog walks through the steps of configuring Workspace ONE and integrating with an Active Directory environment.
First post in a blog series by Carl Webster where he explains the installation of Horizon 7.12 and Dynamic Environment Manager.
This blog is the first in a series working with the new Horizon REST API’s. The older SOAP api’s are covered in the back to basics series.
This video reviews the overall functions of Workspace ONE, a unified digital workspace platform, showing the end user experience.

A virtual networking and security software product family created from VMware's vCloud Networking and Security

John Whitman

is a Staff NSX Systems Engineer at VMware and is an industry expert with over 10 years in data center design, business continuity solutions and cloud platform applications scaling beyond 50,000 servers. Current VMware Certifications include VCP6, VCIX-NV, VCDX #226 4 year VMworld Speaker, Subject Matter Expert focused on NSX and SRM

This a series of blogs on NSX for introductory to detailed implementation.
Pete and John bring in Engineering Architect Scott Lowe to introduce NSX and share some customer use cases.
Tim Davis from VMware kicks off the with a focus on the components used by NSX to enable virtual networking.
vRealize Operations Manager

VMware vRealize Operations Manager delivers intelligent operations management with application-to-storage visibility across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures using policy-based automation, operations teams automate key processes and improve IT efficiency.

Jodi Shely

Principal Technical Account Manager @ Office of the CTO Global Field. Focuses on delivering VMware’s Vision and Strategy and driving Cloud Operations and Transformation on a global scale.

Covering Cloud Management from Use Cases to Technical Validation, this is the latest Cloud Management information right at your fingertips.
This podcast is a Tech Focus on VMware vRealize Operations. In episode 269, Simon Eady chats to Cloud Insiders host Stuart Robinson about IT infrastructure management and monitoring and why organizations shouldn’t underestimate its importance.
Thom Greene walks through configuration, design, and deployment of vRealize Operations Manager.
vRealize Automation

VMware vRealize Automation, formerly called vCloud Automation Center, is a software product for unified cloud management. vRealize Automation provides administrators with the ability to provision and configure storage, network and compute resources across multiple private and hybrid cloud platforms.

Several posts are listed to help you setup vRealize Automation. This is a getting-started guide that will hopefully get you on the right path, answer any questions you might have, and give you tips on deploying your own cloud management portal.

Jad El-Zein

is a Principal Technical Architect at VMware. He is focused on driving adoption of VMware’s Cloud Management Platform (CMP) and VMware's broader Software-Defined Datacenter (SDDC) vision while addressing the many unique needs of VMware's customers globally.

Several posts are listed in order, to help you setup vRealize Automation 7 from start to finish. This is a getting-started guide that will hopefully get you on the right path, answer any questions you might have, and give you tips on deploying your own cloud management portal.
An overview of vRA7's new features, including federated identity with vIDM, the Converged Blueprint, Network and Application Authoring, and Lifecycle Extensibility with the Event Broker.

The Level Up Project

This map is created as a result of the Level Up project. Members of the technology community from all over the world have contributed to ensure that this map will provide you with the information you need to help you make progress at the job you are trying to do at this stage of your career. Much like a GitHub project, Level Up is a collection of contributors, but instead of creating code, we create useful assets in an “open source content” collaborative style with the sole purpose of helping the tech community. The goal is to help people Level Up their skills so they can Level Up in their careers. Come join us in our efforts to give back to the community.

Virtualization grand master foreword:
— Oh no! There is a monster behind your back(up). Ready to defeat it?
Fight monsters in the world of backup and replication, while increasing your knowledge and power!
choose your hero: 1/2
Fighter or sorcerer?
choose your hero: 2/2
Have you ever saved your company from a technical disaster?
choose your hero: 2/2
Do you post in communities?
Explore locations on the map, try to collect all coins to unlock secret content, set off on a quest to defeat monsters or win some swag!
got it!
Legacy Ghost Car: 1/3
When was VMware founded?
Legacy Ghost Car: 2/3
What was the first product released by VMware?
Legacy Ghost Car: 3/3
What's VMware’s stock ticker?
Cloud Merchant Goblin: 1/3
Who owns VMware?
Cloud Merchant Goblin: 2/3
What does ESX stand for?
Cloud Merchant Goblin: 3/3
What were the three colors in the original VMware logo?
Rubicon Bridge Troll: 1/3
If you are planning to run Windows on top of your MacBook (MacOS), what VMware product will you use?
Rubicon Bridge Troll: 2/3
What's the name of VMware’s annual conference?
Rubicon Bridge Troll: 3/3
Where is the location of VMware’s headquarters?
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