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Built-in WAN Acceleration

Built-in WAN Acceleration* from Veeam® dramatically reduces bandwidth required for data transfer over the WAN. This eliminates the need to acquire additional network bandwidth or deploy a general-purpose WAN accelerator appliance to implement your off-site disaster recovery strategies.

*Available in the Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise Plus Edition

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50x faster offsite backups

Built-in WAN Acceleration, with global caching, variable block length data fingerprinting, traffic compression and multi-thread TCP/IP protocol optimizations reduces bandwidth requirements by at least an order of magnitude, while Backup Copy jobs eliminate the need for additional backup jobs, copy scripts and capabilities like storage-based replication. Best of all, there are no VM- or host-based agents to install, no special network setup required and no general-purpose WAN accelerator appliance to purchase and deploy specifically for copying your VM backups off site. Veeam’s Built-in WAN Acceleration:

  • Helps get backups off site up to 50 times faster than a standard backup file copy
  • Optimizes bandwidth consumption when transferring Veeam backups over the WAN
  • Requires no changes in the existing network infrastructure
WAN accelerators are dedicated components responsible for global data caching and data deduplication.

WAN accelerators are dedicated components responsible for global data caching and data deduplication.

What is WAN acceleration?

WAN acceleration reduces the amount of data that needs to flow back and forth across the WAN by using data compression and caching techniques. Basically, an accelerator works by caching duplicate files (or parts of files) so they can be referenced instead of having to be sent across the WAN again.

To enable WAN acceleration, you need to deploy a pair of WAN accelerators in your backup infrastructure.

To enable WAN acceleration, you need to deploy a pair of WAN accelerators in your backup infrastructure.

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Offsite storage flexibility

Veeam’s Built-in WAN Acceleration works hand-in-hand with Backup Copy jobs, enabling you to implement proper offsite storage policies without requiring extra backups, copy scripts or expensive hardware supporting efficient storage-based replication. And in the event of network issues, it also offers the capability to resume the transfer.

Backup Copy jobs and Built-in WAN Acceleration are tailor-made for use in virtual environments. By efficiently producing restore points of selected VMs on different storage resources, virtual environments can be protected off site with added flexibility. For example, retention policies can be implemented to address specific archival requirements, such as weekly, monthly and annual backup copies.

Whether considering multi-site protection or BC/DR preparedness, one of the great blockers is the inability to move enough data across a WAN, affecting RPO/RTO goals and ultimately preventing most companies from realizing their protection goals. With continued innovations like optimized WAN transmission and its approach in leveraging hardware snapshots, Veeam continues to find new areas of evolution for their data protection solution.

Jason Buffington, Senior Analyst for Data Protection, Enterprise Strategy Group

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