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July 8, 2014
Recorded Webinar
Speaker: , Russ Kerscher
Duration: 24:56

With Veeam Availability Suite™ v8 and Veeam Backup & Replication™ v8, encryption is coming! Whether you want to encrypt backups at rest or while in transit across different components, this will now be possible with v8 WITHOUT losing benefits from built-in compression, deduplication or WAN Acceleration.Watch this specific webinar to see how Veeam encryption works as well as:

  • A tour of the encryption feature in v8
  • How the different components work with the encryption implementation
  • Safeguards in place for loss of encryption key
September 29, 2014
Recorded Webinar
Speaker: Ian Wells, ,
Duration: 37:09

Watch and learn the things you want to hear about including the latest IT-trends and hottest topics in the Industry and Sectors. The agenda of the first episode of Veeam Live Show includes answers to the following questions:
  • Why the Availability is so important and how to stay Always-On Business?
  • What is the availability gap, and how to bridge it through?
  • Whole IT-environment relies on backup solution, how to avoid that, is it good or bad?
  • Where are we going to? How will IT infrastructure look like in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?
September 26, 2014
Recorded Webinar
Duration: 41:50

There are millions of instances of Windows Server 2003 still in operation today and Microsoft has officially announced the end of support (EOS) on July 15, 2015.

The clock is ticking and you have less than a year to make the transition from a 32 bit, physical, Client/Server operating system to a 64 bit, virtual, cloud OS. The process seems daunting but can be accomplished, with a little help.

Watch this session and learn:

  • Side by side migration techniques
  • Tools to easily migrate from Physical to Virtual machines
  • Strategies to minimize downtime and data loss
  • September 25, 2014
    Recorded Webinar
    Speaker: Jason Leiva, Mike Bensko
    Duration: 43:44

    Virtualization and data growth each pose storage challenges in the Modern Data Center. In addition to the cost and complexity of deploying primary storage, organizations have to ensure proper data protection and high availability. Veeam® and Tegile have partnered together to bring a solution that enables more data to be stored and quickly accessed, creating a small storage footprint.

    Watch this webinar to learn more about:
    • Cost efficient flash-driven storage combined with the #1 agent-free backup solution
    • Reducing redundant data by up to five times with advanced deduplication and compression technologies
    • Network-efficient replication for disaster recovery, in multi-hypervisor environments
    • And more!
    September 24, 2014
    Recorded Webinar
    Speaker: Andreas Neufert
    Duration: 34:41

    In this video, our Solutions Architect, Andreas Neufert, presents an example of using IBM Lotus Domino and how Veeam can handle consistent backups for applications that are not VSS-integrated.

    You’ll learn about:

    • Using Veeam for virtualized environments
    • Backup job settings for non VSS-aware applications – Scripting
    • Instant VM Recovery for a Lotus Domino Server
    • Single mail restore for Lotus Domino
    September 23, 2014
    Recorded Webinar
    Speaker: , Johan Huttenga
    Duration: 50:05

    In the final episode you will learn about general security, high availability and recovery. We will review built-in methods, how to use Veeam for Instant VM Recovery™ and item-level recovery, as well as Exchange patch testing with Veeam's Virtual Lab.
    We will also discuss more advanced Exchange topics and provide references for further reading.
    September 19, 2014
    Recorded Webinar
    Duration: 44:32

    Did you not get to attend VMworld in San Francisco this year? If you did attend, did you catch all the critical news? Sometimes it is easy to miss all the important takeaways from this critical event. Join Rick Vanover from Veeam for a rundown of critical updates from the event from Veeam, VMware and key partners of the virtualization ecosystem.

    You’ll see information about:

    • Key Veeam announcements and new features
    • Key VMware announcements and new features
    • What interesting things are happening from related partners
    September 19, 2014
    Recorded Webinar
    Speaker: Jason Acord
    Duration: 32:08

    Traditional IT professionals often focus on one technology silo - servers, storage or networking. But converged data centers will force IT professionals to cross-train and master all three pillars as they blend into one.

    Join Veeam at Virtual Trade Show on August 28, 2014 “Converged Data Centers: First Steps & Long-Term Strategies” where you will learn what Veeam Backup and Replication can bring to the modern datacenter. In addition there will be a deep dive into the functionality of B&R as well as a sneak peek into what’s coming in version 8 of backup and replication.
    September 16, 2014
    Recorded Webinar
    Duration: 43:47

    What's the big deal with SpiceWorld?

    Watch this webinar for a complete rundown of what to expect from IT sessions and other activities at the most happening IT conference around! Even if you can't make SpiceWorld 2014, you'll want to join this chat about the latest need-to-know IT industry trends. This is also a great chance to chat with other IT pros going heading to Austin in September.

    In this brief webinar, we'll teach you everything you need to know about SpiceWorld 2014 including:
    • Tips to getting the most out of SpiceWorld 2014
    • IT topics that you need to stay up to date on
    • What key sessions and speakers will be at the event
    • Which breakout sessions are a "must see" for Spiceheads
    September 12, 2014
    Recorded Webinar
    Speaker: Jose Mendoza, Shawn Lieu, Jason Langer, Josh Coen
    Duration: 1:44:23

    Are you interested in becoming VMware VCP5-DCV or VCAP5-DCA certified? Are you overwhelmed or not sure where to begin? Come spend an hour with Jason Langer and Josh Coen as they chat about, whiteboard and demo items from the industry's most comprehensive VCP5 and VCAP5-DCA study guides. Both of these guides are based on the VMware VCP 5.0 and VMware VCAP-DCA 5.0 blueprints. You will be able to download the eBook version of VCP5 and VCAP5-DCA study guide absolutely free.

    Watch this Whiteboard Fridays episode and:

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