AWS‑Native Backup

Veeam Backup for AWS 

How-to demo series

  • Backup and recover
  • Cost optimization
  • Instance and Volume Restore
  • Layered Security

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Veeam® Backup for AWS delivers native, policy‑based protection for reliable recovery from accidental deletion, ransomware and other data loss scenarios.

With an API‑first approach, immutable backups and full- and file‑level restores ensure resilient protection that’s easy and cost‑optimized, freeing up time and resources for more strategic IT priorities.

Pick and choose the content you want from this on‑demand demo series for step‑by‑step video on how to be an AWS backup pro!

  • Backup and Recover

    Backup and Recover
  • Cost Optimization

    Cost Optimization
  • Instance and Volume Restore

    Instance and Volume Restore
  • Layered Security

    Layered Security

Get HANDS‑ON EXPERIENCE NOW and learn how to: 

  • Properly protect and secure Amazon EC2, RDS, EFS, and VPC data
  • Quickly recover operations, from full instances to individual files and VPCs
  • Optimize an AWS backup and recovery environment for cost and performance