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You want to map an existing Veeam Agent Managed by Agent backup chain from one Veeam Backup & Replication repository to another (also applicable for Cloud Connect repositories).


There is no default ‘Map backup’ feature in comparison to ‘Managed by backup server’ Veeam Agent jobs. However, it is possible to map the backup through the following steps below.


A “Managed by Agent” job can be mapped by following steps, which will be outlined with an example:

1. Get the name of the job that you want to move, in this example, the job is named “Map Managed by Agent”
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2. Determine the location of the existing chain by looking at the destination info on Storage tab to determine your backup location. In this example, the backup was located on a Veeam Backup Repository Named “Source Repo”
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3. At this step, browse to and copy the backup files from location holding the backups to the desired new repository path. To find the path of the current backup, just go to Home > Backups > Disk > Expand the Job that you plan wish to move > Right click the hostname or IP of the machines that you wish to move then click “Properties”. You will see a new Window that includes a folder path. Copy the entire “VeeamAgentUser{GUID}” folder and its content to the new repository
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In our example, we are moving to a repository named “Target Repo” that has the following path: F:\Backups, so, as we discussed in the previous step, we will copy the entire folder over to the target path.

4. After moving the backup, the repository rescan has to be made to update the backup links. Rescan the target repository as outlined in this article. After the rescan completes, the copied backup will appear in “Disk (Imported)” section on the “Home” screen.

5. After the rescan of the repository has completed, edit and update the policy job to target the new repository and then apply the policy to the machines. 

After applying the policy, the moved backup job will go from “Disk (Imported) to “Disk”. After all, the job can be started as usual and it will continue the chain.

LIMITATION: It is not possible to map Veeam Agent Managed by Agent backup from a Shared folder or Local Target to a Veeam Backup & Replication Repository. 

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