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Intro: Veeam Predictions 2020

VeeamON Virtual provides the latest insights and predictions for Cloud Data Management. Veeam will highlight predictions that will remain top of mind for 2020, including ones that will affect the backup and Availability markets. Understanding these predictions and preparing for them ahead of time will allow organizations to enhance and optimize their Cloud Data Management practice.

Speaker Veeamon Virtual 2019
Ratmir Timashev
Co-Founder and Executive Vice President,
Veeam Software
Speaker Veeamon Virtual 2019
Dave Russell
Vice President, Enterprise Strategy,
Veeam Software
Speaker Veeamon Virtual 2019
Danny Allan
Vice President, Product Strategy,
Veeam Software
The Biggest IT challenge in 2020 is coming from the board room

Three out of four organizations have a “reality gap” between what business leaders expect from IT and what IT is geared to deliver. This session will examine the industry trends that are causing the gap, how those expectations are driving 2020 challenges and strategy, and give some ideas on how to close the gap from both a technical and an operational perspective.

Speaker Veeamon Virtual 2019
Jason Buffington
Vice President, Solutions Strategy,
Veeam Software
The Veeam difference: a customer perspective

In this session, Rick Vanover from Veeam will interview Ryan Jacksland on using Veeam products. This customer perspective is critical to gaining insight to the Veeam experience.

Speaker Veeamon Virtual 2019
Rick Vanover
Senior Director, Product Strategy,
Veeam Software
Speaker Veeamon Virtual 2019
Ryan Jacksland
Assistant Director of IT
at Mohawk Ambulance Services and Veeam Vanguard

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