August 25, 2014

Overview: Veeam Backup & Replication v8—Coming in Q4 2014

Posted by Maria Levkina

In this post I’ll give you a brief overview of new Veeam Backup & Replication v8 features, together with links to more detailed information about each feature.

NetApp snapshot support

What's new in Veeam Backup & Replication v8? Starting with the  version, Veeam Backup & Replication can use NetApp storage snapshots as backup or as a replica source for its jobs. This will reduce the impact on production VMs and allow for backing them up several times during business hours.

Read more on the topic:

August 27, 2014

You imported a Management Pack, now what… Part 5

Posted by Mike Resseler


In our next part of this blog series we are going to talk about proactive monitoring and maintenance tasks.

For those who have missed the previous posts, here are the links:

Part 1: Management PacksPart 2: Pre-work & Importing Management PacksPart 3: Exploring discoveriesPart 4: Fine-tuning methodologies

In many cases actions are taken when the environment already has an issue and end-users are suffering from an outage. However, System Center Operations Manager and more specifically our Management Pack is written around pro-active monitoring. Instead of the traditional fire-fighting that happens in many environments, you can use the different MPs and their views and reports to monitor pro-actively and solve issues before they actually happen.

Maintenance tasks

Proactive ...

August 21, 2014

Generate and install SSL Certificates on Microsoft Windows

Posted by Luca Dell'Oca

I’ve seen lately many requests in our forums, and I personally received some, about how to generate and manage SSL certificates on Windows Machines. It seems one of those topics that is always hot, especially these days with all the services available over public internet connections, and all the scary stories about security breaches.

Whatever “web” service you are willing to execute and publish over internet, an SSL certificate can protect you as a provider, and your users connecting to it. It’s extremely important to deploy properly configured SSL certificates, yet many don’t do this. Why? Maybe because only Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) has an easy wizard to accomplish these tasks. But if you follow this quick tutorial, SSL certificate ...

August 20, 2014

You imported a Management Pack, now what… Part 4

Posted by Mike Resseler


In part 1 of these series we talked about MPs and in part 2 we did our preparations, imported an MP and created an override MP. In part 3 we explored the discoveries.

Now that we understand the discoveries, we can start by looking at various other parts of the management packs. One of them will become very crucial and that is overriding monitors and rules. Overriding doesn’t mean disabling or enabling alone. It can also mean adapting the default thresholds so that they match your infrastructure better.

There are different ways of doing this or starting with this. I have seen different people being successful in the fine-tuning process each using a different method. It ...

August 13, 2014

You imported a Management Pack, now what… Part 3

Posted by Mike Resseler


In part 1 of these series we talked about MPs and in part 2 we did our preparations, imported an MP and created an override MP. So now we are ready for the next steps… Investigating the discoveries…

What? I want to fine-tune now…

While I can perfectly understand that, I always believed it is better to start looking at the discoveries first to understand what exactly is being discovered in your environment. If you know what is being discovered, you will also make it much easier for yourself to understand what is being monitored and when alerts arrive, how you can address them.

Many MPs have a very thorough manual that includes the discoveries so you can just read the ...

August 12, 2014

Veeam Explorer for Active Directory: It Just Works!

Posted by Rick Vanover

Aside from being on the Veeam Product Strategy team, I also have a role in managing the Veeam community. This includes keeping in touch with bloggers, social communities and of course Twitter. Recently, I got a message from one Twitter user in immediate need of some help. The result is good, and no Active Directory domains were harmed in the making of these blogposts. Sound interesting? Read on!

A fellow vExpert Tim Smith sent me a Twitter direct message asking if I could send him an updated copy of the Veeam Explorer for Active Directory beta. I thought at first the request was odd, as I was pretty sure there wasn’t an updated copy. The story gets a bit ...

August 6, 2014

You imported a Management Pack now what… Part 2

Posted by Mike Resseler


In the previous blog post we went through System Center Operations Manager as a framework, we talked about management packs, and that importing a management pack isn’t stopping the work you need to do.

We talked about fine-tuning and the importance of it to make the framework fit your environment.

In this blog posts, we are simply going to import a management pack(s) and then immediately create an “override” management pack to store our customizations. Just a few best practices that you need to do before you actually do the import.

August 4, 2014

Announcing: Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V

Posted by Mike Resseler

Today, we are very happy and proud to announce another great free tool coming from Veeam: Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V.

If you are a windows administrator, then you need to check this one out. We all know that opening task manager on a windows server running Hyper-V only gives you the compute of the parent partition and not what resources the virtual machines are consuming.

In Veeam’s latest Management Pack release (Veeam Management Pack for System Center) we released an entirely new in-line task that can bring up the Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V. The Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V will display task manager data for both the Hyper-V host and for each of the child VMs attached to that ...

July 31, 2014

Veeam Content Roundup for July 2014

Posted by Maria Levkina

I don’t know if you watched the 2014 FIFA World Cup, but many Veeam employees, including myself, did. (And despite the fact that the team I supported left the tournament on the group stage, I watched the rest of the matches with great pleasure.)

Nevertheless, during all of the craziness, the Veeam Team managed to work even harder than normal to bring you high-quality educational articles and videos. See what the Veeam Resource Library added in July:

July 30, 2014

You imported a Management Pack now what… Part 1

Posted by Mike Resseler


System Center Operations Manager is a great component of the system center suite. It’s a framework that helps you monitor and manage all of your components in your infrastructure. From the hardware like compute, storage, network to the virtualization layer, VMs, OS and applications. It can be your single pane of glass to view & manage your infrastructure in a single glass of pane.

And it gets better, in combination with the other system center components such as Service Manager, Orchestrator and more it is your window to manage the entire lifecycle of your infrastructure.

But as always in infrastructure management, life isn’t always as shiny as you hope. Operations Manager is actually a rather “dumb” framework. With “dumb” I don’t mean ...