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July 17, 2017

The Veeam® + NetApp Alliance partnership allows customers to have flexibility and a choice in storage and data management. Together, Veeam and NetApp help organizations accelerate digital transformation, simplify IT operational management, lower costs and reduce risk.

NetApp and Veeam are united in one goal: To help our customers achieve the outcomes that matter most to them.

Read this NEW Veeam + NetApp customer reference book and learn:

  • Why Veeam and NetApp are better together
  • Reasons to team up with Veeam and NetApp
  • Customer success stories
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Author: Michael White, Evangelist, Veeam Software

Disasters can strike anywhere and at any time, often impacting organizations that cannot afford them. Read this white paper and learn how to plan for — and survive — a disaster-related outage.

This paper will help you prepare for outages in your infrastructure by sharing disaster recovery (DR) strategies. Often, DR outages are not a complete outage, so being prepared with granularity in your DR strategies gives you flexibility.

You will learn about:

  • Past outages to help you prepare for likely issues
  • What applications are and how to package them
  • And more!
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Whether they are integrated hardware and software solutions, or specialized devices used as backup targets, these devices can streamline deployment and scalability while significantly improving backup and recovery times. You need to choose the solution that will give you the utmost reliability and flexibility, while also maximizing your investment. But, how do you choose?

Read this new white paper and learn about:

  • Backup appliances and how organizations can best use them
  • The various types and sub-types of backup appliances
  • What should be considered when choosing a backup appliance
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Read this industry solution brief for health care to understand how Availability can help health care organizations deliver next-generation patient care and how they can enable non-stop business continuity, cloud data management, analytics and visibility. Read now

Financial services have transformed their businesses to align with the digital lives of their constituents, putting a big premium on Availability and business continuity to meet customers’ increasing demands.

When businesses and consumers rely so heavily on anytime, anywhere access to their financial data and services, firms must pay heed to proper business continuity safeguards. This puts Availability at the core, to ensure that all data and applications are available in an uninterrupted manner on a 24.7.365 basis. Whether your financial institution does business around the globe or around the corner, this is paramount.

Learn how you and your teams can achieve business continuity and Availability in three key steps, with this new TechTarget white paper.

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The world of higher education is populated with some of the most tech savvy consumers, from scientists and academic researchers to students who have grown up with digital devices seemingly attached to their fingertips. If colleges and universities don’t keep up with the digital life of these constituents, they risk losing relevance, revenue and credibility.

Perhaps IT’s most critical challenge is to ensure business continuity. If applications and data are not available, if records are not secure, if there is any downtime at all, then digital life on-campus and online comes to a standstill.

So how do you plan to maintain Availability? What considerations do you take when building out a continuity plan? In this latest brief from TechTarget, we tackle some of those need-to-knows to help you deliver the wisest option for data accessibility and Availability.

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Today, digital technology and data Availability software have become cornerstones of every aspect of the manufacturing process, from design, development and engineering, to procurement, quality assurance, maintenance and distribution. IT teams need to keep the business going by maintaining all processes uninterrupted and accessible.

The battle against downtime is growing. No longer an “if” but a “when,” downtime puts added pressure on IT professionals, forcing them to apply business continuity planning into their day-to-day routine.

So how do you plan to maintain Availability? What key considerations do you take when building out a continuity plan? In this latest brief from TechTarget, we tackle some of those need-to-knows to help you deliver a productive option for data accessibility and Availability.

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Today, great technology and data Availability software enables you to provide proper and timely care for consumers and patients. However, the magnitude of data collected, consumed and applied within the Electronic Health Records (EHRs) repositories – which spans multiple locations and departments – is overwhelming to manage for any IT infrastructure. In fact, in no other industry does access to your data mean the difference between life and death.

Business continuity is critical for success. Every health care facility and organization depends on the Availability of their data and has zero margin for downtime.

So how do you plan to remain an Always-On Enterprise™? What considerations do you take when building out a continuity plan? In this latest white paper from TechTarget, we tackle some of those need-to-knows to help you deliver a healthy option for data accessibility and Availability.

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The costs of IT outages cost North American businesses a staggering $700 billion annually. The challenge is that when application outages occur, many organizations are unable to meet their recovery SLAs. This results in lost revenue, lost business opportunities and a loss in confidence from customers, partners and end users.

Veeam® and NetApp’s joint solution helps ensure application Availability across hybrid cloud workloads while simplifying IT operational management and lowering costs. This guide provides several use cases on how to leverage Veeam’s integration with NetApp ONTAP storage and hybrid cloud backup solutions to achieve the following:

  • Easy, fast recovery of both virtual machine (VM) and application items from both crash-consistent and application-consistent NetApp Snapshot copies
  • Simplified orchestration of backups to on-site and/or low-cost cloud archival solutions to facilitate fast recovery times, simplified management and lower costs
  • A higher return on IT investments by leveraging existing backups or snapshot copies to quickly spin up an isolated, exact, near real-time copy of your production environment for testing and development
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