Veeam is the clear Availability market leader – Ovum’s 2016 ODM

Peter Ruchatz, Chief Marketing Officer


Published date: October 24, 2016

The difference from the previous ODM 2014-15 is that Veeam has taken over as the clear leader demonstrating a consistent above average performance . . .
– Ovum.

So, it’s easy for a CMO to conjure up hyperbole to promote their company’s offerings, but my job is so much more rewarding when others do it for me.  It’s hard to elaborate on this excerpt from Ovum’s latest Decision Matrix (Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Data Availability and Protection Solution for the Cloud Era, 2016-17), but it is safe to say that everyone at Veeam is excited about the results Ovum has provided in this most recent analysis. What a great way to start Q4’16!


What is most exciting about this research is that Ovum really lays out the direction the Data Availability market is taking with key points we have been discussing for quite some time.  Traditional, or legacy, backup is long gone and as enterprises demand 24.7.365 access to data and applications – whether on premises or in the cloud – only Availability will do. From the largest enterprise down to the single-employee small business, access to company data with the comfort in knowing the data is protected and recoverable during a potential failure is what the modern world now demands. Even more complex now is the new layer of capability the cloud era brings to the data equation. Taking into account all of these points, Ovum recognizes Veeam as the clear market leader!  I recommend that you pour a coffee and take 10 minutes to read this report as it will provide great insight.  Enjoy.


About this research: Ovum, a leading global technology research and advisory firm, invited the market-leading Data Availability and Protection solution vendors to participate in the report and compared each vendor on three dimensions: Technology, execution and market impact.

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