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Protect Mission Critical Data With the #1 Data Protection Platform


Delivering Mission Continuity

As the threat landscape rapidly evolves, Veeam helps government customers keep mission critical applications
and data protected from ransomware, disasters and bad actors with the #1 Modern Data Protection platform.

Manage Risk and Compliance

Maintain complete visibility with fully integrated monitoring, reporting and capacity planning, including automated DR testing and dynamic documentation.

Defend Against Ransomware

Flexible and trusted immutable storage options provide confidence to safeguard your data so you can recover rapidly after a ransomware attack.

Drive Hybrid Cloud Mobility

Avoid cloud vendor or delivery model lock-in. Stay in control of your data regardless of environment. Protect, control and manage data anywhere in the cloud.

DoDIN APL Certification

Veeam meets the stringent requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense

Veeam Backup & Replication v12.1

Government Solutions

Veeam Solutions for Government

US Federal Government 

Ensure mission continuity through hyper availability of data in the battlefield, in federal offices, at sea and in space – anywhere information and analysis can serve Americans.

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State & Local Government

Protect sensitive data while driving public goals through modern data backup to drive business continuity, security and innovation.

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Recovery Is the Best Protection From Ransomware

Modern Data Protection Starts at Cyber Resiliency
of organizations have experienced at least one ransomware attack in the past year
of respondents use cloud services as part of their data protection strategy today
of organizations update their recovery plans more frequently than once a year
How to buy

How to Buy Veeam Solutions

All Veeam products are sold through authorized partners. You can request a quote from any Veeam ProPartner in your region and country. Our fully trained and certified partners are ready to help you meet your business objectives.


We are dedicated to understanding and supporting the needs and requirements of government agencies.

Federal Contracts

  • GSA
    • Immix GS-35F-0511T
    • Promark GS-35F-303DA
    • Carahsoft 47QSWA18D008F
  • 2GIT (USAF)
  • ITES-2SW (Army)
  • First Source II (DHS)
Gsa schedule
Dod esi
Sewp providerlogo
Ites 2w2 logo
Nitaac ciocs logo
Us department of homeland security

SLED Contracts

  • OGS
  • NCPA
  • DIR TX
  • SLP 
  • and many more.


Veeam is fully certified and compliant to work with all Federal agencies.

Customer Success Stories

U.S. Navy

U.S. Navy

Veeam awarded $21 million contract to provide data backup and recovery software for the U.S. Navy

Us government agency

U.S. Government Agency

Veeam and Azure help a government agency avoid a third system crash.

City of new orleans

City of New Orleans

New Orleans recovers from a cyberattack and readies for the cloud with Veeam.


Data Protection Trends & Insights for Government

2023 ransomware trends report

2023 Ransomware Trends Report Executive Summary North America Edition

An independent research firm surveyed 1,200 unbiased IT leaders about the impact that ransomware had on their environments, as well as what their IT strategies and data protection initiatives are moving forward.

Veeam Achieves DoDIN APL Certification for Veeam Backup and Replication v12.1

Now the #1 data protection and Ransomware recovery solution is the most secure, reliable and trusted product for Department of Defense Networks.

2023 Data Protection Trends Report Public Sector Edition

The global data protection market continues to grow, but how exactly are Public Sector organizations adapting for Modern Data Protection? In this new Veeam report, 4,200 IT professionals, including 373 in healthcare organizations, were surveyed on a variety of data protection drivers, challenges and strategies.


How does Veeam ensure compliance with government data protection regulations?

Veeam's solutions are meticulously designed to meet government data protection regulations. By deploying robust encryption methods and adhering to standards like FIPS 140-2 and TAA, we ensure comprehensive compliance.

What are the key features of Veeam's solutions for government data backup and recovery?

Veeam offers reliable, scalable, and secure data backup and recovery solutions, characterized by fast recovery time, AI-infused operations, immutable backups, orchestrated disaster recovery, and granular visibility for proactive issue resolution.

Is Veeam's technology compatible with government IT infrastructure and legacy systems?

Veeam is designed to seamlessly integrate with a broad spectrum of IT infrastructure and legacy systems, enhancing data protection and recovery while leveraging existing investments in the government sector.

How does Veeam ensure the security and integrity of government data during backup and restoration processes?

Veeam ensures data security and integrity by implementing strong encryption, immutability, and secure data transmission protocols. This safeguards government data during both backup and restoration processes, mitigating risk.

Does Veeam offer solutions for encrypted data storage and transmission in government environments?

Yes, Veeam's solutions support secure, encrypted data storage and transmission, which are pivotal for government environments. Our technology guarantees the secure and confidential handling of sensitive data.

Are there any specific certifications or accreditations that Veeam holds for government data protection?

Veeam holds numerous certifications pertinent to government data protection, including DoDIN APL, APL SOCOM, FIPS 140-2, TAA, NIST-1800-11, and US Navy DADMS, demonstrating our commitment to the highest compliance standards. Veeam is also under evaluation for Common Criteria.

How does Veeam assist government agencies in disaster recovery and business continuity planning?

Veeam aids in disaster recovery and business continuity planning with automated DR orchestration, ensuring minimal downtime. Our AI-driven solutions proactively detect issues to mitigate risks and maintain operational continuity.

Can Veeam's solutions seamlessly integrate with existing government data management platforms?

Absolutely. Veeam's flexible and interoperable solutions can seamlessly integrate with existing government data management platforms, maximizing their value and enhancing their ability to safeguard critical data.

Does Veeam offer support and training specifically tailored to the needs of government organizations?

Yes, Veeam provides dedicated support and specialized training programs specifically designed for government organizations. Our goal is to ensure teams can fully utilize our solutions and maximize data protection.

What is Veeam's track record in working with government clients, and can you provide any relevant case studies or success stories?

Veeam has a proven track record of serving government entities globally, with a multitude of successful deployments. You can reference success stories from multiple government organizations here.

How does Veeam's government solutions address ransomware threats?

Veeam employs advanced, immutable backup technologies to counter ransomware threats. Our solutions allow rapid data recovery, minimizing the impact of such attacks and ensuring continuous government operations.

Radical Resilience is Our Difference

With Veeam by your side, you have the confidence knowing that you can
meet the IT needs of today and tomorrow.

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