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Veeam Alliance Technical Programs

The Veeam Alliance Technical Programs portfolio supports Veeam’s Alliance Program (VAP) partners in their technical journey with Veeam – from simple access to APIs, to compatibility testing with standardized test plans, through deep and customized integrations into the Veeam software. VAP partners can broaden their relevance and increase their addressable markets by collaboratively building solutions with Veeam that solve the data protection needs of our joint customers.
The Veeam Ready Program provides a solution qualification process to help Veeam Alliance Program partners meet Veeam functional and performance standards.
By attaining Veeam Ready status, customers are assured that storage solutions are compatible with Veeam Backup & Replication features.
Veeam Ready testing covers four categories, each with unique testing requirements:

Veeam Ready — Repository

Primary backup target solutions that have been qualified as meeting or exceeding both functional and performance tests for backup and restore operations.

Veeam Ready — Object

Secondary backup target solutions that support object storage are confirmed to be compatible with Veeam products’ object storage features, and meet or exceed performance tests.

Veeam Ready — Security

Security solutions that have been qualified as compatible with Veeam Backup & Replication's SIEM (Syslog), KMS, Incident API, or Secure Restore security features.

Veeam Ready — Tape

Tape solutions based on LTO or Jaguar that have been qualified as compatible with Veeam Backup & Replication's tape features and operations.

For information on testing requirements, email veeamready@veeam.com.

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What our alliances are saying

Veeam Alliance Program (VAP) partners can integrate solutions with various offerings within the Veeam Platform. This exclusive program enables VAP partners to create unique offerings and integration that is quality tested by Veeam.
For those that qualify, the following programs are available: 

Veeam Integrated – “with Veeam”

VAP partners that develop an appliance storage solution for DR workloads leveraging Veeam may be eligible for this program.

Veeam Integrated – Object

VAP partners with object-based storage offerings may be eligible for this program, especially if particular protocols or settings are needed to enhance
the joint customer experience.

Veeam Integrated – Deduplicating Storage

VAP partners with deduplication storage may be eligible for this program, especially if particular protocols or settings are needed to enhance the joint customer experience.

Veeam Integrated – Universal Storage API

VAP partners with primary storage offerings for virtualization, physical server and NAS workloads may be eligible for this program, to jointly develop snapshot integration with Veeam.

For information, email allianceprogram@veeam.com.

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VAP partners creating their own solutions by leveraging the official Veeam APIs are represented in Veeam Infused program. The vendors themselves are responsible for testing, maintaining and supporting their offerings.

Within Veeam Infused, VAP partners can access enhanced documentation and examples for public APIs, interfaces and technology integration description.

SDK and API examples:

Veeam Infused – Data Integration API

Data Integration API allows vendors to mount Veeam backups in an automated way to scan the data for various criteria like compliance checks, anti-virus, anti-malware, security, eDiscovery, GDPR compliance, etc. Veeam provides a kit with an example code and offers email development support to streamline the integration efforts.

Veeam Infused – Enhanced Data Mover (EDM)

In this program, Veeam delivers a guideline on how to integrate the enhanced data mover software (backup target software) directly into a Linux-based storage system by chroot cage or container and provide email development support for the vendor.

Veeam Infused – Management APIs

Alliance vendors that wish to integrate Veeam software into their own platforms, portals or products will get access to all available APIs. Vendor support starts via email support, and further assistance depends on VAP partner status.

Veeam Infused – Secure Restore

Antivirus vendors that want to integrate their storage detection engines in the Veeam Secure Restore feature will get access to necessary resources to point Veeam software to their scan engines.

For information email allianceprogram@veeam.com.
Veeam has prided itself in supporting the philosophies of our customers and open-source is no different. Veeam already supports a variety of open-source principles and technologies, and this approach continues to increase our Enterprise efforts.

Veeam open-source contributions

List of official Veeam driven open-source projects and Veeam open-source
community contributions.

Veeam APIs & SDKs

List of publicly available APIs and SDKs to build integrations, solutions
and automations.


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