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Modern backup and recovery for educational institutions

Drive availability, security and innovation
7 Steps to Better Data Quality Management for Education

Improve data availability while protecting students and teachers

Data availability is vital for today's educational institutions. More than ever, they must provide compelling educational experiences that are in keeping with modern user experiences. Hybrid learning, research opportunities and expanding partnerships all drive higher expectations from students, teachers and staff for uptime and access to resources — anytime, anyplace.

Modern Data Protection is critical to ensure data and applications are accessible to all parties, so that they can learn and teach no matter where they are. And when things go wrong, and they often do, it ensures quick and reliable recovery to get students, teachers and staff productive again.

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universities experience over
6 days of outages per year
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Modernize your backup, using the power of the cloud

It's the reality of today's environment, your IT budget and resources are tied up in maintaining legacy backup systems or paying someone else to do so. By moving to modern cloud data protection, you enable greater protection and oversight of your data, while dramatically increasing IT efficiency.

  • Break free from legacy – Advance from legacy systems, freeing people and resources while protecting workloads and data.
  • Outsource and save – Modern cloud solution providers enable you to focus on the essentials - supporting students – while ensuring the best possible protection.
  • Free your data to drive innovation – Re-use trapped data to empower business processes, including advanced analytics, app dev, and more.

Intelligent processes limit downtime

Unexpected downtime and slow recovery cause loss of staff confidence and student disruption, including hurting institution brand and reputation. Intelligent processes limited downtime, and if ever needed, can automate rapid recovery without manual intervention.

  • Unify backup, restore, and DR – Unify to a single solution that can manage, protect, and provide seamless automation.
  • Fast recovery from any situation – Dynamically update and test your recovery plans.  Automating fast recovery of any data, without manual intervention.
  • Know where you stand – Know your data protection posture instantly through consistent monitoring and reporting on backup SLA compliance.

Help protect student and teacher data

Protecting sensitive student and teacher data has become a key challenge for many institutions. Detection, containing, and repairing cyberattacks can be costly, and expose personnel and business-critical information. Evolve to an intelligent data management solution and protect your precious data.

  • Defend against cyberattacks – Ensure 100% verified and worry-free protection for your backup from cyber-attacks and other threats.
  • Drive compliance – Re-use your backup data to drive greater compliance adherence and reduced audit effort.
  • Remove uncertainty – Test applications and data before restore and deployment, ensuring data security and quality.

Modern backup powered by Veeam

Powerful solutions that simply “just work.” Our single platform brings together all your data in one place, so you can put it to work.

Backup & Recovery

Be always available with the confidence you can recover from any situation fast with

Veeam Backup & Replication

SaaS protection

The control and protection required for your Microsoft 365 data

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365

Orchestration & Automation

Intelligent recovery orchestration and data reuse automation through

Veeam Availability Orchestrator

The combination of AWS and Veeam enables customers to ensure availability for any application

The need for proven data protection, including cost-effective long-term storage, continues to grow in the public sector as organizations of all types generate massive amounts of data as they transform how they provide services.

Veeam is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner with designated Storage Competency status. These designations reflect Veeam’s strong commitment to offer solutions on AWS delivering specific value to help government, education, and nonprofits to innovate on their Digital Transformation journey.


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Microsoft & Veeam ensuring data protection across datacenters, endpoints, edges and cloud

Together, Microsoft and Veeam go beyond typical backup and recovery scenarios, efficiently managing data protection regardless of where your data resides.

Veeam solutions enable educational institutions to lower costs by moving data to Azure, mitigate risk by backing up Microsoft 365 and ensure availability of cloud-based workloads with the protection of Azure-native virtual machines.


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Arizona Department of Education

Veeam increases recovery speed by 99% and supports legal compliance for public data.

Val verde

Val Verde Unified School District

Val Verde USD protects against cyberattacks with Veeam and HPE Nimble.

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Syracuse University

University recovers 1,500 VMs within 24 hours with Veeam.

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