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The health care industry faces constant pressure today. While costs should be reduced, SLAs (service level agreements) must also be met. Moreover, consumers rely on private data, which means it is vital that it be kept safe and well-managed. The goal to digitize data and make it available no matter what has become increasingly crucial today.

Read this new IDG Enterprise white paper to learn how health care organizations are digitally transforming their infrastructures and find out which key guidelines they’re using to enable Intelligent Data Management.

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For managed service providers (MSPs) looking to put break/fix services in the rear-view mirror, new applications and cloud-based storage options have unlocked opportunities for agility and growth — and new challenges.

The natural answer to these new technologies is to develop customized technology stacks. And, while it may seem like a great way to deliver a unique customer experience, it eventually comes at the cost of growing your business and delivering the high standards expected of customer service.

In this report, we’ll outline market research that demonstrates how you can unlock business and service benefits when you standardize your technology stack:

  • Increased partner margins
  • Automation and scalability
  • Optimized staffing
  • and more!

The MSP space is evolving rapidly, don’t get left beyond! Download this report to stay ahead of the competition.

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Speaker: Dave Russell
Duration: 44:31

The nature of the senior data center executive’s job is evolving from delivery executive to IT business executive. Increasingly, the landscape, infrastructure and processes that we utilize will broaden to support a federated, multi-cloud world, where on-premises as well as a mix of private, managed and public Software as a Service (SaaS) clouds become the new norm. As a result, Intelligent Data Management and Availability must adapt and evolve to meet new business expectations.

The webinar will cover the increasingly changing landscape of infrastructure and processes of multi-cloud environments and will address:

  • Why environments and requirements are changing
  • Identifying a sound approach to Intelligent Data Management with improved Availability
  • Building a strategy with the required capabilities to meet the needs of today and tomorrow
September 20, 2018

Higher education is an industry that’s in a constant state of Digital Transformation. Even though educational institutions continue to face budget cuts, along with increasing statutory, regulatory and sub-regulatory requirements, customers, faculty members and investors continue to expect access to their data from anywhere, at any time and on every available device type. In addition, with new cybercrime threats, IT teams often struggle to keep up and remain on.

Read this new IDG Enterprise white paper to learn how higher education institutions are digitally transforming their infrastructures and find out which key guidelines they’re using to enable Intelligent Data Management.

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Financial services organizations now face many challenges as they try to meet expectations of today’s Always-On™ modern world. It has become difficult for organizations to stay ahead of increasing demands due to rapidly evolving regulatory requirements for data integrity and security, the continued growth of business-critical data and the sensitivity of financial information.

Read this new IDGE white paper to learn how financial services organizations today are meeting the trials and tribulations of digital transformation.

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Release notes
September 14, 2018
Release notes
September 14, 2018
Speaker: Anthony Spiteri, Edward Watson
Duration: 52:30

Networking is still one of the most complex aspects of any IT solution, and organizations need an easier way to manage their networking needs.

Veeam® PN allows administrators to create, configure and connect site-to-site or point-to-site VPN tunnels easily through an intuitive and simple UI, all within a couple of clicks. Do you have a remote office network that you want easier access into? Do you have a home lab that you want to access from anywhere in the world? Do you have workloads spread across different cloud platforms that need connecting? SDN doesn't have to be complex!

Watch this webinar on Veeam PN so you can:

  • Enable connectivity for remote offices and mobiles users
  • Enable easy access to your home lab environment
  • Connect multiple disparate clouds for Availability
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