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Speaker: Kevin Ridings
Duration: 56:39

Watch this recorded webinar and learn about Veeam® Availability solutions combined with fully scalable, predictable and automated NetApp HCI infrastructures. Find out how your organization can achieve predictable application performance and Availability while also simplifying IT operational management, enhancing agility, lowering costs and advancing digital transformation initiatives.

Topics include:

  • Current challenges in today's IT department
  • NetApp HCI —an overview, functions and features
  • How Veeam provides Availability for NetApp HCI
White Paper
May 15, 2018

Is your business prepared to meet the May 25, 2018 deadline for compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? According to a recent report by Crowd Research Partners, most organizations aren’t, but it’s not too late to take steps to prepare for GDPR and avoid huge penalties

Read this new white paper based on a Redmond Fireside Chat, Veeam’s® Road to GDPR Compliancy, and learn:

  • What changes GDPR brings to the global business
  • How to prepare your organization for GDPR
  • What are the five main steps for GDPR compliancy
  • And more!
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Digital transformation is dramatically changing how the world interacts. Ensuring your services and applications are always available to employees — and customers — is essential to becoming a digital leader.

The journey to Always-On™ application Availability begins with a close examination of your current infrastructure to determine the cause of unwanted downtime. From eliminating data loss and slow data recovery to minimizing risk and decreasing downtime, you can leverage Availability initiatives to jumpstart digital transformation, rapidly adapt to business changes and become an industry leader.

Read this eBook to learn how six companies achieved 24/7 Availability with help from Cisco and Veeam®.

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Speaker: Shawn Lieu, Craig Halliwell
Duration: 41:49

Attend this webinar to learn about the joint integration between Pure storage and Veeam® to maintain a strong ecosystem of best of breed solution for the Always-On Enterprise™.

The NEW Pure Storage plug-in provides superior integration with Veeam to enable:

  • Superior backup performance
  • More rapid recoveries
  • Easy access to production data copies

The public cloud is increasingly becoming an attractive target for off-site disaster recovery. But, not all the systems which offer this service are created equal.

In this white paper learn the top five considerations to take into account when selecting which cloud service to use as your DR target, including:

  • Will it help you optimize your cost savings?
  • Can it reduce your operational complexity?
  • Does it allow you to provide Always-On™ Availability?
  • And of course two more!
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Speaker: Michael Stafford, Matt Lloyd
Duration: 57:50

With Datrium DVX and Veeam® you’re able to take full advantage of Datrium’s innovative primary storage and Veeam’s disaster recovery technologies to ensure you are meeting the rigid SLAs the business demands. Datrium DVX Platform combined with Veeam Backup & Replication™ provides simplicity, efficiency and scalability for your enterprise cloud.

Join this webinar to get an insight into:

  • The advantages of using Veeam and Datrium together
  • How Veeam ensures 24.7.260 Availability to the data stored in Datrium’s primary storage
  • How these two solutions can help you meet ever growing business needs
  • And more!

Enterprise IT is embracing multi-cloud as the go-to model for cloud deployments. By 2019, nearly 81% of enterprises will have adopted a multi-cloud strategy. While this trend gives organizations more flexibility overall, it puts added pressure on IT teams to manage backup and recovery in a more complex environment.

To reduce complexity and lower costs, it is imperative to deploy a single platform that consolidates management for all of your needs — including both on-premises infrastructure and any public cloud platform you choose.

Which features and functions give you the best opportunity for multi-cloud success?

This special white paper, developed in conjunction with TechTarget, outlines the key factors to consider in maximizing your multi-cloud strategy to achieve:

  • Non-stop business continuity
  • Digital transformation agility
  • Analytics and visibility
  • And more!
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Speaker: Shawn Lieu, Stefan Renner
Duration: 9:45

Veeam® and NetApp integrate to deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™. By leveraging IT investments and NetApp modern storage, Veeam and NetApp help organizations meet today’s SLA objectives, enabling recovery of any IT service and related applications and data within seconds and minutes.
Watch this video to learn how Veeam Explorer™ for Storage Snapshots allows you to:
• Granularly recover VM images, files or items directly from NetApp Storage Snapshots
• Recover critical data across Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Active Directory, SharePoint and Oracle platforms
• Rapidly recover data to improve RTOs
• And more!
Duration: 10:44

Is the multi-cloud here to stay and are enterprises really adopting this strategy? ESG’s IT Spending Intentions survey shows that 81% of current public cloud infrastructure customers use multiple CSPs and 53% expect the number of unique CSPs they use to increase over the next three years.

The proliferation of multiple cloud providers is far from being a point-in-time statistic and it is manly driven by companies’ desire to identify the cloud provider that best fits each application and workload.

Join Edwin Yuen, ESG Senior Analyst for Data Protection and Yesica Schaaf, Senior Director, Veeam® Cloud Marketing in the discussion of Availability in multi-cloud environments to learn more about:

  • Current and upcoming trends in multi-cloud adoption, as well as considerations driving these market shifts
  • Challenges associated with increased IT complexity and multi-cloud deployments
  • How Veeam is helping its customers address multi-cloud and Data Availability: South Oregon University, Goodwill, Columbia Power & Water Systems and Movius
  • And much more!
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