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Veeam Backup & Replication integrates with StoreOnce Catalyst client software to achieve source-side deduplication and virtual synthetic full backups, leading to more efficient backup data transfer, less network utilization and overall better performance in comparison to backup using traditional NAS protocols (CIFS and NFS). This guide covers the setup and configuration of Veeam Backup & Replication with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst for both on-site and off-site backup data retention.

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Oil & Gas companies are embracing the digital transformation as the key driver of business value. As data centers modernize and data vol¬umes grow, leaders depend on data Availability for competitive advantage and risk avoidance.

Data generation and storage are exploding. New applica¬tions are processing data from virtual¬ized storage environments as well as public and private clouds, users are often located in remote environments and merg¬ers are bringing together disparate storage and VM environments. In this context of transformation, Oil & Gas companies must find a way to maintain Availability for their Always-On Enterprise™.

Read this new IDG Enterprise white paper, 10 Availability Lessons Leading Digital Transformation in the Oil & Gas Industry, to learn:

  • How the energy industry leverages data for business value
  • Why data dependence will only increase for Oil & Gas companies
  • Key data Availability guidelines that facilitate the digital transformation
  • How to keep exploration and production (E&P), pipeline operations and energy delivery available
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The digital economy has transformed the retail industry in several significant ways. Internet and mobile technologies now enable retailers to reach more consumers than ever, while also generate vast amounts of data and critical applications that need to be available anytime, anywhere and from any device.

This exponential growth of data over recent years has opened the door to new opportunities. At the same time, though, it has led to unprecedented management challenges for retail IT stakeholders.

Read this new IDG enterprise white paper, 6 Availability Lessons to Successfully Enable Digital Transformation in Retail, to learn more about:

  • New digital-era opportunities for retailers
  • Unprecedented challenges for retail IT stakeholders
  • Data explosion causes and why data Availability is crucial to business success
  • How retailers can enable data Availability to ensure business continuity
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The rapid growth of Microsoft Office 365 is creating opportunities for IT managers to leverage Exchange Online as an efficient cloud-based email platform. But, Office 365 also brings challenges, particularly in meeting today’s stringent Availability, cost control and regulatory compliance requirements. By using modern Availability software, IT can leverage on-premises backup and recovery to assert greater control over Office 365 access and protection.

With the right solution in place, IT managers can reduce costs, improve Availability and maintain control of vital email data to meet their most stringent data protection, compliance and e-discovery requirements.

Read this white paper and learn:

  • Office 365 Email challenges
  • What to look for in an Office 365 Availability solution
  • How to choose the right solution for Office 365
  • And more!
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Speaker: Russell Nolan
Duration: 16:32

Join us for this short, live demo webinar to learn more about Veeam Agent for Linux.

The IDC Executive Summary – Using Veeam® in the New Race to Zero: Customer Survey Results, focuses on business results our customers have achieved in using Veeam Availability solutions.

Key findings:

  1. After adopting Veeam, customers realized an overall 90.9% SLA attainment
  2. Veeam customers reported 77% average restore time reduction, 3X faster recoveries from unplanned downtime and 2.5X fewer failures than with previous solution
  3. Veeam customers reported saving an average of 10.2 hours per year in downtime, which using the industry average cost of $100,000 per hour represents more than $1 million in savings
  4. And much more!

View the FREE executive summary to learn how Veeam helps customers achieve minimal downtime and the solutions needed to enable the Always-On Enterprise™.

Download the full report to learn more!

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Speaker: Rick Vanover, Dmitry Kniazev
Duration: 29:39

The integrity of your critical business information and data is not something to neglect if your organization aspires to keep up with the digital era. Veeam® Agent for Linux is designed to easily backup your Linux deployments and recover them rapidly, whether they are based in the public cloud or on-premises.

Watch this short, demo-filled webinar to learn more about Veeam Agent for Linux, as well as:

  • Automatic backups scheduling
  • Integration with Veeam Backup & Replication™
  • UI and command line flavors
  • And more!
Speaker: Russ Kerscher, Anthony Spiteri
Duration: 1:03:01

Don’t stop one step short of complete data protection. Find out how to extend Availability to the cloud with Veeam Cloud Connect to ensure your business remains Always‑On™.

Now is the best time to start your cloud planning. Learn how to get FREE cloud services with Veeam’s unprecedented special offer.

Watch this webinar on Veeam Cloud Connect, so you can:

  • Discover the benefits of extending Availability to the cloud
  • Work toward completing the final stage of the 3‑2‑1 Rule
  • Learn how to backup and replicate data off‑site to the cloud
  • Find out how to participate in Veeam’s limited‑time cloud special offer
  • And more!
Author: Jason Buffington , Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

By now, every proficient and capable IT service provider or reseller has a good sense of how much cloud-powered data protection could matter to subscribers and potential subscribers. Those clients need to bolster their backup, recovery, and BC/DR capabilities—the cloud can enable them to accomplish such efforts more effectively and at a more reasonable cost. However, not one cloud-powered data protection solution has proven to be definitively superior.

As a service provider, you should strive to present a choice of offerings to your potential subscribers, ideally through a common management framework that is delivered via a consolidated, cohesive, relevant set of vendor solutions. Your prospects will have widely varying needs and aspirations tied to how the cloud could serve as part of their organization’s unique strategic initiatives for protecting data. Each need and aspiration is likely to be distinct, but they all can be fulfilled with the right vendor partner.

Read this white paper and learn:

  • Key findings from ESG Research about the most popular cloud-infrastructure use cases;
  • Business drivers and operational concerns of your IT decision-maker clients;
  • How adding cloud to a data protection strategy reduces data loss;
  • And more!
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