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Continuous protection and availability, unrivalled governance, intelligent data automation and orchestration, the combination of NetApp + Veeam solutions takes businesses one step further than backup, for even greater peace of mind and operational efficiency in their workloads. Read now
Speaker: Rick Vanover, Travis Miller
Duration: 54:36

Being able to recover data is the fundamental reason why organizations have a backup solution. Veeam’s® Instant VM Recovery® technologies have come a long way from the Instant VM Recovery technology that revolutionized backup. Join this webinar, featuring Rick Vanover and Travis Miller from Veeam, to cover Veeam’s Instant VM Recovery techniques across the board. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve invested in this technology significantly and it has new capabilities that can solve real business problems!

Key Takeaways of this webinar:

  • Technical overview of Instant VM Recovery updates that came in Veeam Backup & Replication v10
  • Technical overview of Instant VM Recovery options for applications and files
  • Tips for Instant VM Recovery options for image‑based backups
Release notes
June 03, 2020
Speaker: Sam Nicholls, David Hill
Duration: 32:12

Watch this interactive product demo to learn more about how NEW Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure delivers enterprise-ready Azure backup and recovery to cost-effectively and securely protect your cloud data, including:
  • An introduction to Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure
  • Azure backup best practices to protect your cloud data
  • How to implement with an interactive live product demo
What's new
June 01, 2020
Recorded Webinar
June 01, 2020
Speaker: Kirsten Stoner, Karinne Bessette
Duration: 59:37:00

When backing up virtual machines, one should consider applications running on the machine, how critical the machine is for business operations and how fast you can get back up running when a disaster occurs. Proper protection for critical applications and implementing off‑site solutions are essential to keeping VM data available while minimizing data loss. Every business should have a backup strategy to guarantee virtual machines are properly protected and recoverable.

Join this webinar to learn more about:

  • Factors affecting VM backups
  • Off‑site data protection strategies
  • Ensuring data is recoverable and secure
Release notes
May 31, 2020
Product Guide
May 31, 2020
Speaker: Iyed Yacoubi
Duration: 45:45

This technical product demo provides an in-depth technical look into the fast recovery and flexible recovery options available in Veeam® Backup & Replication™, a key component of Veeam Availability Suite™.

In this product demo, a Veeam Systems Engineer covers:

  • How to restore from a Veeam backup
  • Restore multiple types of data in multiple ways
  • Instant VM Recovery and application-item recoveries
Speaker: Ilya Sletov
Duration: 56:10

This technical product demo provides a basic technical look into the architecture and engineering of Veeam® Backup & Replication™, a key component of Veeam Availability Suite™.

In this demo, a Veeam Systems Engineer will cover:

  • How to configure a Veeam backup
  • Initial set-up and an introduction to the UI
  • Platform support and systems requirements
  • Credentials and password management
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