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In a recent report, Forrester covers the current state of disaster recovery (DR) preparedness based on a survey of global IT decision makers. While IT leaders have more tools at their disposal to prepare themselves to recover from any type of outage, preparedness and confidence still remain weak. This report shows IT professionals how other organizations are dealing with resiliency issues and describes which options help them plan future initiatives and investments.

This report will cover:
  • What’s missing in the current state of formal DR programs
  • How to identify constantly evolving risks
  • Taking DR to the next level: Automation and more DR plans
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Although disaster recovery continues to be a key initiative for many organizations, a significant portion are not adequately testing their DR capabilities. Will the desire for simplification and automation increase the adoption of disaster recovery to cloud products and services? Read now

In efforts to be more agile, businesses are evolving their IT environments to take advantage of highly virtualized, hyper-converged infrastructure. In the process, however, they may well find their legacy backup and recovery tools can't keep up.

Legacy solutions that were born before virtualization are being asked to back up virtual machines and virtualized storage systems, with predictably poor results. Such tools can't deliver on the recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) that "always-on" businesses demand.

This paper describes why enterprises need HCI platforms that are integrated with tools that support reliable backup and recovery for highly virtual environments, while putting a premium on data Availability. That's exactly what Veeam® and Cisco deliver with the combination of Cisco HyperFlex and Veeam Availability Suite™, a solution purpose-built for a virtual world.

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Authors: Monya Keane, Research Analyst
Christophe Bertrand, ESG Senior Analyst

Two-page executive summary describing the status of the Veeam® and Nutanix Alliance and proven insight on why the combination of these two companies are better able to solve today's IT business challenges.

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This short, easy-to-read research paper by IDC provides their view on why having a backup of Office 365 data is essential.

Key findings include:
  • Office 365 is the center of business productivity and ensuring data protection is imperative
  • Without an enterprise-grade backup strategy for Office 365 enterprises are exposed to many risks
  • Relying on Microsoft’s native backup capabilities in Office 365 is a risky strategy
  • Microsoft’s shared responsibility in Office 365 is limited to infrastructure
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Author: Dan Thompson , Research Director at 451 Research

Read this analyst report from 451 Research to learn about cloud-based object storage and how it is being used to tackle data growth and compliance challenges. This report includes:
  • The rise of object storage and benefits to leveraging it as part of a protection strategy
  • How a tiered approach to object storage can better align the cost and performance of data
  • What to look for in a tiering policy and data management platform for the best outcome.
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Analyst Report
March 27, 2019
Author: Steven Hill, Senior Analyst, 451 Research

This short, easy-to-read Analyst Report by 451 Research provides an unbiased view of the importance of backing up of your Office 365 data. This report will teach you:

  • Office 365 email and documents shared and stored in Office 365 are the new business-critical data
  • There is a common misconception that SaaS data in the cloud is inherently safe
  • Expanded recovery and governance options are becoming nearly as important as the data backup itself
  • Data protection will be increasingly driven by legal and compliance-based challenges
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Author: Phil Goodwin, Research Director at IDC

Digital transformation (DX) is a key strategic initiative for many organizations but it cannot be accomplished without accompanying IT transformation. No DX initiative can succeed if IT cannot deliver data consistently on time and in the right manner.

IDC believes that virtual infrastructure (VI) and data protection are the "bookends" of IT transformation. Both are fundamental to the application and data availability that can enable true transformation. Veeam and VMware solutions are used in combination by thousands of organizations worldwide for data protection and VI, respectively. To quantify the benefits that Veeam customers have gotten from the combination of the two products, Veeam commissioned IDC to conduct an independent study of the joint users to determine value in a number of areas, including the following:
  • Operations
  • Resource consumption
  • Service-level delivery
  • Data availability

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Data is increasingly at the core of any business or organization and is fueling new Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives. And as data becomes more distributed, dynamic and diverse, data Availability has never been more essential in an effective and holistic data management strategy.

IDC recently conducted a study of organizations utilizing Veeam® Availability solutions in conjunction with NetApp Data Fabric technologies to determine the business value of the combined solution.

The study found:  286% five-year ROI, saving $31,642 per 100 users per year ($2.32M per organization)

Key discoveries:

  • Reduced risk and cost by enabling more effective and timely data backup and recovery efforts
  • Decreased cost of data-related outages in terms of lost user productivity and revenue
  • Minimized the staff time required to manage and support data backup and recovery environments
  • Optimized the cost of storage hardware through longer life spans and improved data deduplication and compression capabilities

Read this new IDC research paper to learn how joint Veeam and NetApp solutions mitigate risk, enhance Availability, reduce IT complexity and lower costs.

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According to Frost & Sullivan’s annual cloud user survey, 76% of IT decision-makers expect their hybrid environment to include multiple clouds from multiple vendors, managed via a single management console.

Adopting a multi-cloud strategy is a new imperative to compete in the digital era, however it comes with the need for a consistent way to manage all clouds, visibility into usage, automated failover between clouds and ease of migration across environments. The right Cross-Cloud Data Protection solution will not only avoid costs and burdensome manual processes, but also guarantee seamless management of any data, any application, across any cloud.

Read this Frost & Sullivan executive brief to learn more about:

  • Challenges in managing data in a multi-cloud environment
  • Benefits of Cross-Cloud Data Protection
  • What to look for when selecting a Cross-Cloud Data Protection solution
  • And more!
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