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Veeam Enterprise License Program (ELP)

All-in-One Access to Veeam

Veeam’s Enterprise License Program provides comprehensive access to Veeam. With one contract, one vendor, and one tool, drive the simplicity, flexibility, and effective management needed to maximize value for your organization.


One Contract, One Vendor, One Tool

Get unrestricted access to our best-in-class portfolio with just one contract, vendor, and tool. Simplify purchasing and lifecycle management with the flexibility to match capabilities to your ever-changing technology needs, all with a single platform for optimum visibility to workload performance and license management. Drive value and cross-functional insights in a single pane of glass. Partner with Veeam, the global leader in data protection and ransomware recovery, for all-in-one access.

A Simple, Single Solution For Your Organization

Simplified Purchasing and Lifecycle Management

Lower upfront costs, predictable annual expense, and a simplified maintenance and renewal process.

A Single ELP Management Platform

Real-time visibility into cross-functional, data driven insights that drive operational efficiency and business value.

Unrestricted Portfolio Access

Improve operational efficiency by matching our capabilities to your business-critical projects and workloads.


ELP Management Platform Features

As part of our continuous effort to bring more value to our Veeam Enterprise Customers, we are pleased to offer the Veeam ELP Management Platform, a single-sign-on, easy-to-use interface that provides multiple capabilities.

Monitoring and Management of Remote and Hosted Infrastructure

Complete visibility and management of all cloud, physical, and virtual workloads from a single UI.

Self-Service Portals

Deploy self-service portals to departments, remote branches, and remote employees with the ability to set unique privileges and security measures.

Tenant Onboarding and Billing

Simplified onboarding and integrated billing options via robust APIs. Visibility into previous month’s usage and automated reminder emails.

Multi-Tenant Serviceability

Scale your business from a central location with the confidence of knowing all your data is secure and separated.

Automation and APIs

Seamless integration into your existing workflows via a deep API interface that introduces numerous actions, endpoints, and requests.

Licensing and Usage Tracking

Generate and deploy licenses while providing automated monthly reporting through our powerful usage and licensing engine.


Veeam Enterprise License Program at a Glance

Unrestricted Access to Veeam’s Best-in-Class Data Protection and Ransomware Recovery Portfolio

  • Unlock data protection and add-on capabilities for the breadth of workloads you need to support
  • Access a points-based pricing portfolio
  • Explore a pre-negotiated price per point in a variety of local currencies
ELP product list

Who Qualifies for Veeam ELP?

To qualify for Veeam’s ELP, customers must meet the following requirements:

  • License keys must be for internal use only
  • Minimum three-to-five-year commitment
  • Centralized purchasing organization
  • Subscription only; install base may need to be converted to subscription

The Terms and Structure of Veeam’s ELP

Veeam’s ELP is intended for large enterprise organizations that require flexibility in Veeam product license allocations throughout the term of their agreement. The program requires and includes:

  • A minimum commitment per year
  • A 10% buffer is used to ensure reasonable commitment and prepayment for the following year
  • Usage over buffer will trigger increased minimum commitment and prepayment for the following year
  • An annual true-up charge for usage above the minimum commitment to avoid the necessity to report or order additional licenses
  • Flexible, unlimited usage of Veeam’s subscription-based products and support
  • Minimum stable license key count for 12 months


What’s the Enterprise License Program (ELP)?
The Veeam Enterprise License Program maximizes value and purchase simplicity by providing access across Veeam’s product offerings to support data protection across all workloads under one license agreement. You’ll have flexibility to allocate licenses to meet the ever-changing demands of your organization, while having a single management platform to optimize visibility and management of your backups, reporting, billing, and licenses.
When purchasing an ELP with Veeam, are there minimum quantity requirements (minimum number of points monthly)?
Veeam’s ELP program requires a minimum commitment per year which is divided into monthly amounts. This is calculated based on the total contract value.
What happens at the end of the agreement term?
Organizations will have the option to renew/uplift minimum commitment and will be subject to final year true-up.
I buy through a partner, can they be included?
Yes, VARs and Distributors can be included.

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