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Public Cloud Backup as a Service

Cloud-native Data Protection Managed for You

BaaS From Veeam-Powered Partners

  • Protect AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud workloads
  • Flexible backup and recovery
  • Managed by a Veeam expert
BaaS for Public Cloud

BaaS for Public Cloud

Data is crucially important to the success of your business and keeping it protected can be a complex and time-consuming responsibility. AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud offer many built-in advantages but unfortunately, flexible and comprehensive data protection is not one of them. 

Focus On Your Business, Not Backup

Veeam-powered backup-as-a-service (BaaS) providers are experts in building cloud-native backup solutions to help you remove the complexity of data protection so you can focus your talent, budget and resources on objectives that drive business growth.
BaaS for Public Cloud

Free Up Resources

Leave public cloud data protection to the experts and put the focus back on initiatives that grow your business.

Portable Data Management

Store backups in the cloud, across clouds or back in the data center. It’s data management tailored to your needs.

Veeam-Powered Expertise

Access industry best practices with Veeam-powered BaaS partners that are experts in cloud-native data protection.

BaaS by the Numbers

intend to protect cloud-based data with BaaS
switched from self-managed backups to BaaS
run high-priority workloads in the cloud
to leverage managed BaaS experts

BaaS for Public Cloud Capabilities

Veeam-powered BaaS for the public cloud provides simple, flexible, reliable and powerful capabilities to meet your business requirements.

Protect Cloud Data

Backup and restore virtual machines (VMs) and workloads that run in AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Remove Complexities

Remove time-consuming backup complexity and better allocate cost and resources.

Data Portability

Back up public cloud data to any supported environment for cost optimization and more.

Managed on Your Terms

Choose your scope of Service Level Agreements (SLAs), ranging from hands-on to fully managed.

How to buy

Choose Your Deployment Option

How you consume Veeam is up to you! From fully managed as-a-service offerings to completely self-managed, Veeam can help you find the solution that’s right for your business.

BaaS for Public Cloud

From free trials to instant provisioning, to managed services and more, our global network of service providers take the hassle out of Modern Data Protection. Contact a Veeam-powered BaaS partner today!

Cloud Backup Solutions

Not looking for “as-a-service”? No problem! Veeam Backup for AWS, for Microsoft Azure and for Google Cloud is licensed in standalone or hybrid-/multi-cloud options.

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What are the benefits of Backup as a Service (BaaS)?

Customers who seek out Backup as a Service over do-it-yourself options look to:

  • Gain access to experts by off-loading the setup, maintenance, monitoring and updating of the storage and software.

  • Get started fast. Saving time and resources while avoiding complex setup processes is very possible with the as-a-Service model.

  • Accelerate cloud adoption by taking a cloud-first approach to storage decisions. 

  • Establish a secondary location for backups to ensure that data is recoverable and archived for compliance.

  • Keep data secure from ransomware and insider attacks by keeping an air-gapped copy away from primary storage. 

What is the value of choosing BaaS for the public cloud through a Veeam service provider, compared to other BaaS vendors in the market?
Choosing to partner with a Veeam service provider to protect your AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud workloads offers many advantages that competing BaaS vendors just can’t match. With Veeam, there is a wider breadth of protected workloads and services built on industry-leading, hardware-agnostic software (with no vendor lock-in). Plus, using a Veeam service provider gives you the freedom of choice to find the right partner that meets your backup and disaster recovery (DR) objectives.
What is the Shared Responsibility Model when it comes to protecting data in the public cloud?
AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud do not keep backups of your data. Per the Shared Responsibility Model for each of these cloud vendors, it is still the responsibility of the consumer to ensure their data is secured and protected.
What types of public cloud workloads can Veeam-powered service providers protect?

Veeam protects a variety of data protection solutions for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, including:

  • AWS: Amazon EC2 backup, Amazon RDS backup and Amazon EFS

  • Microsoft Azure: Azure VMs, Azure SQL and Azure files

  • Google Cloud: Compute Engine VMs, MySQL Databases 

Does Veeam offer BaaS for the public cloud or cloud hosting services directly to end customers?
As a 100% channel company, Veeam partners with a network of cloud and managed service providers to deliver expert-built and managed Veeam-powered BaaS offerings, including backup for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. This gives you the freedom of choice when looking for a partner that best fits your business needs. You will work with the partner directly, and Veeam is here to ensure you end up with the best solution that fits your needs.

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