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#1 Kubernetes Backup

Cloud Native Data Protection

  • Purpose-built for Kubernetes
  • Security Everywhere
  • Easy to Use

#1 Kubernetes Backup

As cloud-native adoption continues to explode, Kubernetes has become the fastest-growing infrastructure platform, well on track to be the next enterprise platform of choice. While Kubernetes provides High Availability and scalability of application services, these benefits do not extend to your data, making data management of Kubernetes applications a critical priority. Kasten K10 by Veeam® provides enterprise operations teams an easy-to-use, scalable and secure system for backup/restore, disaster recovery and application mobility.

Why Kasten? 

The Kubernetes platform is fundamentally different from all earlier compute infrastructures. It uses its own placement policy to distribute application components; containers can be dynamically rescheduled or scaled; new application components can be added or removed at any time.

A data management solution needs to understand this cloud-native architectural pattern, be able to work with a lack of IP address stability and be able to deal with continuous change.

Kasten K10 was purpose-built for Kubernetes and provides enterprise operations teams an easy-to-use, scalable and secure system for backup/restore, disaster recovery and mobility of Kubernetes applications.

Kasten ecosystemintegrations Kasten K10 integrates with the Kubernetes ecosystem
Support kubernetes native deployment patterns
Supports Kubernetes-native deployment
Scale applications dynamically continuously
Scale applications dynamically and continuously
Enable devops shift left environments
Enable DevOps and shift-left environments

Kubernetes backup, disaster recovery and mobility made easy

Protect your cloud-native applications and business-critical data by deploying a truly Kubernetes-native backup solution. 

Complete application protection

Automatically capture and protect an entire application stack, including resource definitions, configuration and underlying data.

Policy-based backup automation and monitoring

Manage backups at scale through dynamic policies that apply to auto-discovered applications. Monitor data management compliance and easily take corrective action.

Spot protecting shield safe protection tick check

Application-specific protection

When volume-level protection is not sufficient, extend the workflow with a Kanister blueprint to apply application-specific operations.

Use automated policies to manage how backups are securely replicated off site and meet business and regulatory requirements.

Reliable automated workflows

Enable DR for applications with robust scheduled and on-demand workflows and monitor execution.

Automatic import and restore

Automatically import and restore application changes to a DR cluster when a new application export is generated.

Management and automation scale your management

Application-specific DR

When volume-level protection is not sufficient, extend your DR workflow with a Kanister blueprint to enable application-specific operations.

Move entire applications between clouds and on premises for test/dev, load balancing and upgrades.

Reliable automated workflows

Avoid the need for custom scripting and migrate applications with robust scheduled and on-demand workflows. Easily monitor execution.

Infrastructure portability

Enable migration across different public or private cloud infrastructures with seamless data conversion between infrastructure formats when needed.

Environment isolation

Environment isolation

Allow migration between non-federated clusters for better environment isolation and operational control.

Pricing and Packaging

Veeam keeps it simple with a license structure that aligns with your Kubernetes consumption.

Kubernetes Backup and DR with Kasten by Veeam is available in 1/3/5-year annual subscriptions. The longer the annual subscription, the larger the discount. Kasten K10 Enterprise Edition licenses are sold per-Kubernetes worker node. Production 24x7 Support options are available. Contact sales for more options.





Up to 5 nodes

Enterprise Trial




Up to 50 nodes for one month

Enterprise Edition




1/3/5-year subscriptions
Unlimited nodes
24/7 Support


What is Kasten K10 by Veeam?
Kasten K10 is a data management platform that was purpose-built for Kubernetes. It provides enterprise operations teams with an easy-to-use, scalable and secure system for backup/restore, disaster recovery and mobility of Kubernetes applications.
What storage does Kasten K10 require? 
Kasten K10 supports file, block and object storage, on premises or in the cloud. Kasten K10 interfaces with storage via the Container-Storage Interface (CSI), as well as direct storage integrations for efficiency.
Which data services does Kasten K10 support? 
Kasten K10 features pre-qualified integrations with leading data sources, including relational and NoSQL systems.
Which Kubernetes distributions does Kasten K10 Support?
Kasten K10 features pre-qualified integrations with upstream Kubernetes as well leading managed distributions (e.g., Amazon EKS, Red Hat OpenShift, VMware Tanzu) across public clouds and on-premises.
How difficult is it to install Kasten K10?
Kasten K10 runs on your Kubernetes cluster in its own namespace. The installation uses a single helm command. Kasten K10 also supports marketplace integrations with major Kubernetes distributions to make installation and billing a simple click of a button. For private networks and sites, air-gapped installation is supported.
Which interfaces does Kasten K10 come with?
Kasten K10 features a state-of-the-art CLI, an intuitive GUI and a cloud-native API. The graphical dashboard not only gives you an overview of the compliance status of your applications across clusters but also lets you easily control the data management functions. The capabilities and functions available are based on the login credentials, and there is an easy way to switch between using the graphical interface and kubectl with reusable CLI breadcrumbs. And, of course, there is support for dark mode too!
Which security does Kasten K10 provide?
Kasten K10 supports multiple user authentication mechanisms, such as OIDC, Token, etc. K10 also provides fine-grained Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) so that the right users can exercise the appropriate actions and support multi-tenant environments. Backed up data is encrypted both at rest and in motion while giving you the ability to bring your own encryption keys. K10 runs with a minimal footprint on your cluster, and you can assign fine-tuned access control permissions to K10 itself.
How does Kasten K10’s Automatic Application Discovery work?
Kasten K10 is natively integrated into Kubernetes to automatically discover all the application components running on your cluster and treating the application as the unit of atomicity. The application includes the state that spans across storage volumes and databases (NoSQL/relational), as well as configuration data included in Kubernetes objects, such as configmaps and secrets.
Does Kasten K10 support multi-cluster management?
Kasten K10 multi-cluster dashboard provides a simple way to get the aggregate and real-time status of critical parameters, including the total number of clusters, policies, applications, etc. Additionally, you can define global policies and selectively apply them to your cluster groups to simplify the management of backups at scale through automation.

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