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Incident Response You Can Trust

If a crisis hits, Veeam is by your side. Coveware by Veeam deals with cyber extortion every day. We have expertise, experience, and patent pending tools designed to drive decisions to minimize damage and determine the best recovery path. Let our experts guide you through this stressful time, with a team who has the proven track record to help you every step of the way.

Your Partner for Ransomware Incident Response

The Expertise You Need

With 1,000+ cyber extortion cases handled per year and extensive global enterprise engagement experience, dedicated ransomware recovery is our focus.

Decrease Costs and Impacts

Our extensive threat actor database informs evidence-based negotiation strategies and assesses likely outcomes so you’re always receiving the most optimized outcome for your unique incident.

Included With Veeam Cyber Secure

Your business is built on data. That’s why every premium Veeam Cyber Secure customer is provided with the Coveware by Veeam Incident Response retainer. Quick response is critical when crisis hits, and Veeam is with you every step of the way.

Incident Response 

Veeam’s Approach to Ransomware

Ensure swift recovery with replicas, snapshots, and high-speed repositories, avoid data re-infection with YARA analysis, and streamline tasks. Enterprises that need help with triage, response, and recovery from ransomware may also leverage incident response through Cyber Secure.
Relentless Security

Early threat detection, SIEM integration, and proactive threat hunting, coupled with Veeam’s immutability, backup verification, secure access, incident response, and forensic triage, create a relentless security approach.

Reduce Your Attack Surface

Harden your infrastructure with Security & Compliance Analyzer and data best practices while monitoring for errors and anomalies. I/O Anomaly Visualizer ensures the lowest possible data loss, thanks to Veeam Continuous Data Protection.

Recover From Anywhere
to Anywhere

Meet your RTOs while ensuring you avoid reinfection with YARA content analysis. Let automation take the wheel for time-intensive tasks like documentation, testing, and verification so that you can restore your data from anywhere and back to production 5x faster.

Incident Response Stages

What Happens During an Active Incident?

  1. Assessment

    First, we identify the ransomware strain, outline risks and recovery options, and review strain specific analytics including data recovery percentage, and expected downtime.

  2. Extortion Negotiation

    We negotiate on your behalf and work within your timeline and desired deliverables to determine the right recovery path for your incident. Our extensive case data allows us to forecast your outcomes based on historic cases.

  3. Ransomware Settlement

    If settlement is needed to facilitate recovery, Coveware by Veeam will simplify and ensure settlement success. We work 24/7 to negotiate for your desired deliverables at your target price, with no hidden fees or markups, and 100% transparency on reimbursed costs.

  4. Decrypt and Recover

    We utilize patent pending, proprietary decryption tools to help you safely recover, with documentation available to streamline your data recovery and documentation provided to meet insurance and compliance requirements.


Core Elements of Coveware by Veeam Incident Response

Data Aggregation

Our threat actor database informs evidence-based negotiation strategies to assess the likely outcomes as nobody else does.

Financial Operations

If settling, we make it easy with the regulatory and financial compliance experience to help you build an informed recovery strategy.

Patent Pending Technology

Coveware by Veeam uses specialized tools across your environment to perform forensic triage analysis, assess impact and recoverability via decryption, potentially decrypt, and help you recover faster and safer.

Tools & Services

Coveware by Veeam Retainer Clients

Dedicated Tools and Services for Retainer Clients

Forensic Triage

Get answers to critical questions about the incident in hours, not days or weeks, with Recon.

With You Every Step of the Way

Coveware experts work with cybercrime cases every day, year on year. This is our focus, and we bring that dedication to every incident. Retainer clients are assured of a 24/7/365 response and a 15-minute response time.

Decryption Software

Potentially decrypt your files using Coveware’s proprietary tool.

Proactive Training

Receive unlimited learning and development – suited for executive, board, and technical audiences.

Veeam Keeps Your Backups Secure From Ransomware

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