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CRGO Law is a boutique law firm providing intellectual property, commercial litigation and corporate services. With offices in Florida, Maine and Washington, D.C., the firm represents an impressive roster of U.S. and international clients, including Fortune 500 corporations, investment funds, family offices, middle-market companies and entrepreneurs.


CRGO Law’s core competency is intellectual property litigation. As a leading provider of patent acquisition services and a legal provider to the largest patent portfolio holder in the world, CRGO Law handles more new U.S. patent transactions than most law firms nationwide. Without access to Big Data analytics and client data, CRGO Law can’t meet strict filing deadlines imposed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Slow backup and recovery of IT systems put data availability at risk. If the firm misses filing deadlines because attorneys and staff can’t access data, CRGO Law fails its clients. Failing clients is never an option, so the firm sought a way to ensure data is always available.


  • Supports firm’s digital transformation to virtualization
  • Provides 24.7.365 access to Big Data and client data
  • Automates backup and recovery, saving 500 hours per year

The Business Challenge

Intellectual property litigation is at the heart of CRGO Law. Attorneys represent plaintiffs and defendants in patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret cases in state and federal courts. CRGO Law also helps clients acquire U.S. patents. Named a Top 250 Patent Firm by, a leading Intellectual Property Law Blog, the firm has acquired thousands of patents for clients such as Airbus, AT&T, Blackberry, Credit Suisse, Hyundai, IBM, Twitter and Wells Fargo.

Obtaining a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is challenging and time-consuming; however, the firm’s win record is impressive. From 2013 to 2015, CRGO Law filed 214 new patent applications and acquired 95 percent of the patents.

To expedite the patent process at a minimal cost to clients, CRGO Law combines Big Data analytics, which measures the past and likely future behavior of the U.S. patent examiner assigned to each case, with a strategic prosecutorial blend of examiner interviews and documentation (the process of obtaining a patent is called patent prosecution). Two ingredients are required in this recipe for success: attorneys with extensive intellectual property experience and 24.7.365 access to data.

Without access to data, the firm can’t meet strict filing deadlines imposed by the USPTO. When slow backup and recovery of the IT systems hosting data put access at risk, CRGO Law acted fast. Nothing gets between the firm and service to clients.

“The USPTO provides specific windows of time for submitting documentation during patent prosecution,” said Keith Brooks, IT Manager at CRGO Law. “If we miss deadlines because our attorneys and staff can’t access the data they need, we fail our clients. Failing clients is never an option, so we needed to ensure data is always available.”

The Veeam Solution

Veeam® Backup & Replication™ delivers 24.7.365 Availability of data. Veeam helps CRGO Law meet patent-prosecution deadlines and acquire patents for clients.

“Time is of the essence in the legal industry,” Brooks said. “Veeam ensures our data is available every minute of every day so the firm can solve clients’ problems quickly and cost-effectively.”

Veeam delivers 24.7.365 Availability of Big Data and client data by backing up IT systems faster and more frequently than the previous backup solution. The previous solution backed up and recovered physical servers reliably but struggled with virtual machines (VMs) because it wasn’t designed for virtualization. CRGO Law could only back up on weekends because data was inaccessible to users during backup.

With Veeam, data is always available during backup; therefore, the firm backs up at least once a day. Critical systems are backed up four times a day to facilitate multiple recovery points. If users accidentally delete items such as files, folders or emails, Veeam recovers them from the most recent backup in minutes. Prior to Veeam, recovery could take hours.

“Who wants to tell attorneys they have to wait hours to access data?” Brooks asked. “We were grateful Veeam supported our digital transformation to virtualization by making data available all the time. I trust Veeam more than any solution I’ve used during the last 20 years. Veeam gives us peace of mind.”

Another challenge Brooks faced with legacy backup was excessive manual intervention. He spent up to two hours each day troubleshooting failed backup jobs, which added up to 500 hours each year. For a one-man IT department, there are better ways to spend 500 hours.

“Veeam completely automates backup and recovery,” Brooks said. “Now I spend a few minutes each morning reading the verification email Veeam sends me about backup job. I have more time to focus on IT initiatives that will advance the business.”

Veeam’s technical support is also helpful to a one-man IT department.

“Veeam’s support team is very responsive, and they know their products, which is more than I can say for most vendors’ technical support teams,” Brooks said. “If I have a question or a concern, I know Veeam support will respond to me quickly. I also use Veeam’s Support Knowledge Base online to find answers to frequently asked questions, which saves time too. Veeam is worth its weight in gold.”

The Results

  • Supports firm’s digital transformation to virtualization
    Veeam supported the firm’s transition from a physical environment to a virtual environment by ensuring critical data is available to attorneys at all times.
  • Provides 24.7.365 access to Big Data and client data
    Meeting patent-prosecution deadlines is faster and easier when attorneys and staff have 24.7.365 access to Big Data. Big Data provides behavioral analytics for examiners, which helps CRGO Law plan prosecutorial strategies.
  • Automates backup and recovery, saving 500 hours per year
    Veeam requires little to no manual intervention, giving the firm’s one-man IT department time to focus on ways technology can further push the business forward.
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