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Speaker: Jordan Jacobs, James Mundle, Lea Headley

On the heels of our Jan. 22 product launches, Veeam® is pleased to announce some new program enhancements for our Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partners. We believe 2019 will be a big year for our VCSP partners, so we invite you to join us for a worldwide webinar series to kick off these exciting program enhancements, including:

  • NEW VCSP point plans: Entry-level volume rental agreements to help you start saving now
  • NEW VCSP enablement guides: Including a NEW VCSP rental usage reporting guide and the 2019 VCSP program guide
  • And more!

We are especially excited to introduce our partners to the NEW VCSP Pulse, which is an automation platform that serves as a collaboration hub between Veeam, aggregation and VCSP partners. Plus, partners will have the transparency and ease-of use needed to effectively manage license keys and rental usage reporting.

Veeam intends to expand its leadership in cloud data management, and we need your support to make that brand promise a reality. Don’t miss out on the chance to meet with the Veeam Team and learn more about how we can win together in 2019 (and beyond)!

Recorded Webinar
February 21, 2019
Speaker: Niels Engelen, Russ Kerscher, Vishwajeeth Venkatesh
Duration: 1:05:32

As a robust and highly capable Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, Microsoft Office 365 fits the needs of many organizations, providing application Availability and uptime to ensure users never skip a beat. But when it comes to protecting your Office 365 data, it’s easy to get confused with who’s responsible for protecting which part of your environment. Ultimately, you need to ensure that you have access to and control over your Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business data.

Join us for an insightful session with Veeam® experts to explore Office 365 data protection and learn more about:

  • The Office 365 shared responsibility model between Microsoft and IT organizations
  • The limitations of unlimited archiving and litigation holds
  • Efficient data storage
  • A live demo of how Veeam protects Office 365
  • And more!
White Paper
February 20, 2019
Author: Wall Street Journal,

With up to 5.5 petabytes of data stored on any given day, how does one of the largest cruise lines in the world stay afloat? By taking a smarter approach to Availability.

In this article, The Wall Street Journal details how Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines keeps their ships safe and operational, while improving the guest experience, leveraging Intelligent Data Management.

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Author: Wall Street Journal,

Data plays a pivotal role for businesses of all types. But what about in the world of higher learning?

Find out how the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) revamped its data management strategy.

In this article, The Wall Street Journal highlights the ways UNLV always keeps critical systems available for round-the-clock teaching and learning.

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White Paper
February 18, 2019
Author: Wall Street Journal,

Companies that still rely on legacy systems (such as physical tape for backup) lose time and money, as these systems can’t deliver to the expectations of our highly efficient, real-time business culture.

This article makes the case for the cost and time efficiencies of new data systems and include both comments from an SME and a company that made the switch from tape backup to a Veeam® solution.

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White Paper
February 17, 2019
Author: Wall Street Journal,

Data protection, proactive recovery and seamless environments driven by AI are what it takes to achieve Intelligent Data Management in today’s business landscape, which demands Availability.

Follow these five key steps to chart your organization’s path to Intelligent Data Management.

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Recorded Webinar
February 15, 2019
Speaker: Andrew Zhelezko, Edward Watson
Duration: 59:16

In a world where organizations desperately want to avoid lock-ins, data portability is critical to maintain speed and control over the environment. To do this, you can leverage the AWS cloud as an additional location for your hybrid data center or as on-demand recovery site. There’s no need to build or maintain a costly physical recovery site — you can backup anything anywhere and restore directly to AWS.

Join us for this session with Andrew Zhelezko, Veeam Technical Analyst, Product Strategy to learn more about:

  • Key considerations for ensuring the portability of workloads to the cloud
  • Built-in Veeam features for successful workload recovery into AWS
  • Create a temporary test environment in AWS with Veeam
  • And more!
Speaker: Paul Parkin
Duration: 55:11

Managing backup storage and monitoring and expanding that storage as data unexpectedly grows is not always simple. As your environment and data grows, adding more hardware on site is not always the simplest or most efficient way to grow your backup estate.
Veeam® Availability Suite™ 9.5 Update 4 offers a more cost-effective way of storing data long-term. This helps reduce storage management and expansion costs and retains your ability to recover aged data that no longer needs to be on fast storage for express recovery of your services.

In this session, we will show how our exciting new feature, Veeam Cloud Tier, functions and how you can easily configure it. We will also discuss how we store data and efficiently recover it.

Speaker: Vinny Choinski, Andrew Lickly
Duration: 42:16

With the criticality, growth and sprawl of data, the data protection landscape must constantly evolve to meet these challenges. In addition, IT leadership is tasked with improving SLAs for both data and applications, as well as improving security and compliance. On top of that, IT leadership is also fighting the ever-increasing complexity in IT – with the requirement to consolidate data protection tools and/or vendors.

With these challenges in mind, Cisco and Veeam® have jointly developed solutions that provide high-performance Availability and reliable data protection that combat the complexity associated with today’s IT. 

Join this webinar with ESG Analyst Vinny Choinski and Andrew Lickly, Senior Alliance Product Marketing Manager for Cisco at Veeam, as they share highlights from the ESG Research Report on Data Protection Landscape 2018, ESG Cisco + Veeam technical white paper findings and the business benefits of the joint Cisco and Veeam solutions.

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