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Veeam backup for salesforce

Backup Salesforce Data Effortlessly With Veeam

Salesforce is one of the most utilized CRMs in the world because of its advanced account and contact management, customization options, and third-party app integrations. While these options can be essential to the growth of a business, the complexities can lead to issues, including data loss.

Veeam® Backup for Salesforce eliminates the risk of losing your data and metadata due to human error, integration issues or other Salesforce data loss scenarios.

Watch this short video for an overview of Veeam Backup for Salesforce
Your backup complete control

Deploy on-premises or in the Cloud

Quickly restore salesforce data

Powered by Salesforce APIs

Protect against errors and threats

Backup and restore data and metadata

Why Backup Salesforce?

Organizations rarely backup Salesforce until it is too late and the data is lost. Even though Salesforce manages the infrastructure, this doesn’t replace YOUR responsibility to protect Salesforce from data loss and data corruption.

It’s your Salesforce data – you control it – and it is your responsibility to protect it.

Salesforce agrees, stating: “It is important for Salesforce customers to develop a routine data backup strategy as part of their overall data management and security model.”

Cr diagram for vbsf webpage Salesforce backup perception versus reality. You need to back up Salesforce data and metadata.

Confidently Backup and Restore Your Salesforce Data

Veeam Backup for Salesforce gives you what others can’t: Complete access and control. You control your backups, and you choose the storage.
Salesforce native backup


Purpose-built to back up and restore Salesforce data and metadata.

Fast and flexible recovery

Fast and Flexible Recovery

Recover Salesforce records, hierarchies, fields, files and metadata.

Avoid lock in

Secure Your Data

Own your data. Run your backup environment anywhere: On-premises, in AWS, Azure and more.

Flexible backup scheduling

Custom Scheduling

Set granular backup schedules and retention settings at the object level.

Simplified management

Simplified Management

Manage backup policies for several Salesforce organizations from one console.

Incremental replication

Incremental Changes

With incremental sync and flexible scheduling, you can back up your Salesforce data almost continuously.

Simple and easy to use ui

Simple and Easy-to-use UI 

Click, click, click and done. Run backup policies and restore jobs in minutes. 

Compare backup and production

See and Compare

See versions of records and metadata and quickly compare it with production.

Compare backup and production

Restore Hierarchy

Granularly restore linked child objects to any record. You can restore parents’ records as well.

Diagrams, Videos and Product Screenshots

Pricing & Packaging

Veeam keeps it simple with a licensing structure that aligns with your Salesforce usage.

Veeam Backup for Salesforce is available in 1- to 5-year annual subscriptions. Licenses are sold per Salesforce user license (with a required minimum purchase of 10 licenses) and include Production 24.7.365 Support. Licensing of 100% of active Salesforce users is required.

Salesforce requires API access included in Salesforce Enterprise and Unlimited editions, and can also be purchased separately with the Professional edition.

Special Offer!

1-year subscription only

Up to 300 USERS

$2,000 USD for the first year


Standard 24/7 production support included

Unlimited Offer!

1-year subscription only


$10,000 USD for the first year


Standard 24/7 production support included

Standard Pricing

1-to-5-year subscriptions

$3 USD /user/month

$36 USD /user/year


Standard 24/7 production support included

Adding Salesforce Backup Licenses and Renewals

When you add Salesforce users, you’ll have the flexibility to add more Veeam Backup for Salesforce licenses and co-term your different license purchases to match up with the same subscription cycle. This keeps subscription expiration dates and renewals simple and straightforward.

At the end of the license period, both the use of the product as well as support will be turned off. To renew a subscription license, simply purchase another subscription license at the then-current rate.

You can also purchase multi-year subscriptions to lock in the current price.

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FAQs for Salesforce Backup

Does Salesforce back up your data?

Salesforce recommends that their customers develop a Salesforce backup strategy as a part of their overall data management and security model. 

Even with the best intentions, human error, integration issues, accidental or malicious data corruption and other data loss issues can occur. Backing up your Salesforce data provides you with complete control and easier access to restores after these incidents happen.

How can you back up and recover your Salesforce data?
Salesforce backups are easy, and can be accomplished by using a third-party Salesforce backup solution that ensures you have your own copy and complete control of your Salesforce data. After downloading Salesforce backup software, you can configure the backup storage of your choice and create your first backup job to ensure your Salesforce data is protected. With your own backups, you can ensure you meet any recovery point objectives (RPOs) or recovery time objectives (RTOs). Backup vendors are also able to provide intelligent, granular recovery of Salesforce data and metadata with advanced search and compare capabilities.
What is Salesforce data and metadata? Why must you backup and restore Salesforce metadata?

Salesforce data specifically refers to all your business data residing inside of Salesforce. This includes Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Cases, Contracts, custom object records, files, attachments and much more.

Salesforce metadata refers to all your configuration settings, such as custom fields, reports, dashboards, page layouts and custom code like Apex and Visualforce. It also includes the interdependencies and hierarchy of Salesforce data. For example, an Account has certain Contacts, Opportunities and Contracts connected to it.

Think of Salesforce metadata as the glue that connects everything together. When something is deleted, lost or corrupt in Salesforce, so is the metadata. So, when restoring Salesforce data, it is critically important that the metadata is also restored and reconnected. For a salesforce backup solution to be effective, it must also be a metadata backup solution.

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