Disaster Recovery as a Service

Replication for Reliable Business Continuity

DRaaS from Veeam Cloud & Service Provider partners

  • Meet business recovery objectives
  • Maintain business continuity
  • Fast, flexible failover and failback
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Reliable and Powerful Disaster Recovery

For any app and any data
As your business prepares to address risks for potential data loss, don’t forget to include Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) in your plan to ensure full availability when disasters happen.
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Minimize Downtime

Quickly resume operations from a single file to an entire datacenter.

Always-on Availability

Be prepared for disruptions and natural disasters with an expert provider.

Scale Capacity Affordably

Achieve enterprise-caliber DR without a secondary datacenter.

Why Customers Choose DRaaS

want to free up internal IT resources
to routinely test recoverability
need to meet compliance requirements
chose a DRaaS provider for data security

Recover with Confidence

Veeam Cloud Connect provides fully integrated, affordable and efficient DR through a service provider.

Securely Designed With Encryption

Data is encrypted at the source, in flight and at rest through a secure SSL/TSL connection.

Experience Full or Partial-site Failover

Experience fully integrated and fast DR with image-based replication.

Easily Send Replicas to a Service Provider

Securely connect to a provider in a few clicks with Veeam® Cloud Connect.

Managed on Your Terms

Choose your level of management and SLAs - from hands-on to fully managed.


Fast and Secure Disaster Recovery

Complete data protection powered by the Veeam Platform to ensure business resilience.

Powerful Backup. Reliable Recovery.

Veeam Backup & Replication™ provides fast, flexible, and reliable backup, recovery and replication of virtualized environments and offers powerful capabilities, including advanced replication and failover for disaster recovery.

Natively Built. Secure Connection.

Veeam Cloud Connect, a feature of Veeam Backup & Replication, makes it easy for customers to take advantage of DR without the cost and complexity of managing a second infrastructure with a few clicks through a secure web portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DRaaS?

Disaster Recovery as a Service is more than just restoring corrupted data files. It is leveraging a service provider to support the DR planning, testing and execution process. This includes sending replicas of your entire production environment and replicating them in a third-party, off-site location (often the service provider’s datacenter). When one of them fails —whether from a natural disaster, hardware failure or cyber-attack — they can be turned on at the third-party location. When the primary, production datacenter is back online, you can then failback to the main production site along with any of the data changes that took place during the failover period, ensuring no data loss. It is common for the service provider to help orchestrate the failover and failback process.

Does Veeam have its own DRaaS offering?

Veeam leverages its global network of Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partners to deliver DRaaS solutions built on the Veeam Platform. 

What is Veeam Cloud Connect and how is it related to Veeam-powered DRaaS?

Veeam Cloud Connect offers fast and secure backup and recovery for data centers, endpoints and the cloud, all from a single web-based console. Included with Veeam Backup & Replication, Veeam customers can easily connect to a service provider’s cloud for an off-site backup copy or disaster recovery as a service scenario.

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