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Speaker: Rick Vanover
Duration: 6:20

Instantly recover even more of your data center’s workloads with seamless recovery for Microsoft SQL, Oracle and NAS backups from the pioneer of Instant VM Recovery® and:

  • Instantly recover a SQL Server database
  • Recover any image-based backup to Hyper-V
  • Achieve instant recovery of a file share
Duration: 7:07

Eliminate downtime and minimize data loss for your Tier 1 VMware workloads with built-in Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and achieve immediate recoveries to a latest state or desired point in time, plus:

  • Easily install the filter driver on a vSphere cluster
  • Use vSphere tags to drive a policy-based approach to protecting workloads
  • Learn how CDP protects Tier-1 workloads with low RPOs
Speaker: Rick Vanover
Duration: 45:00

Backing up a critical database doesn’t have to be hard work. Restoring data from these databases should also be easy. If you have one or more of these enterprise applications in your environment, chances are they are important.

Watch this webinar to see how you can easily back up and recover these databases. Veeam® expert Rick Vanover will showcase a number of different strategies to perform a backup, how to recover and some advanced tips around storage and migration. Attendees of this webinar will be shown:

  • Tips and tricks to back up databases, as well as operating systems
  • Tips and tricks to perform image‑based backups alongside database administrator work
  • How Veeam can help solve backup and recovery problems for databases
How to Videos
April 14, 2021
Duration: 4:35

Veeam® Agent for Linux is a data protection and disaster recovery solution that offers a variety of features to protect your data, from creating an entire system image backup to backing up specific machine volumes or individual directories and files.

During this video, you will learn how to deploy Veeam Agent for Linux by using the Veeam Backup & Replication™ server.

How to Videos
April 14, 2021
Duration: 3:31

Lately, many companies have decided to use tapes for storing backups for various reasons. If you are using tapes, it's recommended to verify them to make sure that the data can be read.

Veeam® Backup & Replication™ offers a simple, yet efficient means to verify that your tapes are correctly read in case of emergency. Watch this video to learn:

  • How to test your tape infrastructure
  • How to set up email notifications in order to receive reports
How to Videos
April 14, 2021
Duration: 5:53

Veeam® Agent for Microsoft Windows is a data protection and disaster recovery solution for physical and virtual machines and it provides backup for different types of computers and devices: desktops, laptops and tablets.

In this video we are going to explain how to deploy Veeam Agent for Windows by using the distribution server and protection groups.

How to Videos
April 14, 2021
Duration: 6:14

In order to fight malicious acts, malware or even potentially inside attacks, Veeam® introduces the Hardened Repository, which includes the feature of immutability.

Immutability is a solution that helps in preventing deletion of backup files and protects your data from loss, regardless of malware activity or accidental deletion.

Watch this short video to learn how to set up a hardened repository and how to enable immutability inside that repository.

Speaker: Ronn Martin
Duration: 40:13

Lenovo and Veeam offer data protection solutions that provide industry leading backup and recovery across the entire Lenovo Data Center. And with Veeam’s V11 release, there’s even more to offer with their partnership.

View this webinar with special guest Ronn Martin, Senior Solutions Architect from Veeam, to see how they’ve partnered with Lenovo to offer deep integrations with their latest release.

What You'll Learn: 

  • 100% Ransomware-Proof Backups
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP), which provides Lenovo customers with near-Real Time Data protection for VMware workloads
  • API Integrations for NAS File Backup (SMB/NFS), automatic discovery of all volumes and file shares, and automatic backup from snapshots
  • And much more!
How to Videos
April 14, 2021
Duration: 4:19

Whether you just installed Veeam® Backup & Replication™ v11 or you upgraded from a previous version, we need to configure the CDP Proxy in order to take advantage of our CDP policies. By deploying Continuous Data Protection (CDP), it will help you eliminate downtime and minimize data loss.

Watch this video to learn how to deploy a CDP Proxy and what the best practices are regarding configuration.

How to Videos
April 14, 2021
Duration: 6:36

With the new Veeam® Backup & Replication™ v11 release, Veeam Agent for Mac is also available and ready to be deployed on your Mac devices. This will help you protect your files, overcome data loss and eliminate point product complexity.

Watch this short video to learn how to install Veeam Agent for Mac as smoothly as possible.

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