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Raiffeisen Bank Polska S. A.

European Bank Chooses Veeam Backup & Replication for its Simplicity and Reliability


Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. is one of the largest commercial banks in Poland, offering financial services for approximately 243,000 individual, small business and institutional customers. It is part of Raiffeisen Bank International Group, a leading provider of corporate and investment banking services in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe.


Provide continuous data protection through reliable and fast backups, automated documentation of backup problems, and rapid restore of VMs when needed.


  • Highly consistent backups with superior backup speed
  • Full VM restores take minutes, without disrupting users
  • Near-continuous data protection

The Business Challenge

The IT team for Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. oversees two data centers and supports 100 locations throughout Poland. More than 3,000 employees regularly access applications that support day-to-day operations and communications. The virtual environment includes 34 VMware ESX hosts and 260 virtual machines (VMs) that run mission-critical applications.

The VM backup solution that the IT team used prior to Veeam was inconsistent and slow. “We really couldn’t rely on our backups,” said Slawomir Wolak, Servers & Operating Systems Team Manager at Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. “Our backup system was very complicated and not very robust, and we did not have a good overview of our backup sets.”

Wolak and his team turned to COMPAREX Group, a European consulting firm, for help in identifying an effective backup tool. Veeam Backup & Replication™ proved to be the ideal solution based on its speed, reliability and efficiency. Veeam also provides an overview of all jobs and backup sessions, and has the ability to quickly restore VMs. 

The Veeam Solution

The IT team at Raiffeisen Bank chose Veeam Backup & Replication Standard Edition because it meets all of their requirements for a flexible and reliable backup tool, and offers a broad range of capabilities that include replication, application recovery and centralized management. It is also fast.

“Overall backup speed is twice as fast as our previous solution, and a full VM restore can be completed in half the time,” said Wolak. “Veeam just works. It delivers consistent backups, all the time, every time.”

The Instant VM Recovery capability in Veeam Backup & Replication lets the IT team quickly restore an entire machine from a backup by running the VM directly from a compressed and deduplicated backup file. “Veeam’s restore capability is very convenient. We get a quick overview of backup problems and we can restore a VM in minutes so there is no disruption in service to our users. That’s a huge benefit.”

Another feature that is important to the IT team is the near-continuous data protection offered by Veeam Backup & Replication. It allows them to capture changes and then update VM images as often as every few minutes for on-site and off-site replication. According to Wolak, “We get a quick overview of all backup sessions, and can capture immediate updates of successful backups in the VM notes.”

The IT team finds Veeam’s interface user-friendly, and its’ many features easy to understand and accessible. “Veeam’s interface is clean and simple, and features are presented in a clear, uncluttered, and easy-to-use way,” Wolak commented.

The licensing structure that Veeam offers is also attractive to Raiffeisen Bank. With a single license, the IT team can support the entire virtual infrastructure from a unified console.

“Veeam is just so affordable,” Wolak explained. “The centralized management console is simple and efficient. Bottom line, Veeam minimizes cost and complexity, and that is extremely important to us.”

The Veeam Results

Highly consistent backups with superior backup speed
Veeam Backup & Replication backs up Raiffeisen Bank’s VMs with 100 percent accuracy and no interruption to their users. The solution performs VM backups twice as fast as the previous backup tool, and it recovers files in minutes.

Full VM restores take minutes, without disrupting users
The Instant VM Recovery capability in Veeam Backup & Replication lets Raiffeisen Bank’s IT team restore an entire machine from a backup in a matter of minutes, with no disruption in service for users. Wolak and his colleagues especially value getting a quick overview of any backup problems encountered.

Continuous monitoring of all jobs and backup sessions
Raiffeisen finds the near-continuous data protection offered by Veeam Backup & Replication a plus. The ability to capture updates on an ongoing basis and the quick, concise overview of backup sessions both simplify day-to-day operations.

Raiffeisen Bank Polska S. A.
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