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GASCO Fuels VM Backup, Recovery and Reporting with Veeam


Founded in 1978 in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd. (GASCO) is one of the largest natural gas companies in the Middle East. GASCO is an operating company engaged in the extraction of natural gas liquids from associated and natural gas.


  • Backup and recover VMs more efficiently
  • Improve VMware vSphere reporting in a growing virtual environment


  • VM backups are quick, efficient and require less storage space
  • Fast VM recovery helps IT staff meet RTOs
  • Automated reporting helps to optimize resource allocations

The Business Challenge

Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd. (GASCO) strives to be one of the most innovative and respected companies and holds the distinction of being one of the major players in the global gas and hydrocarbons market. GASCO’s priority is to maximize production in the most cost-effective manner while maintaining the highest possible standards of industrial safety and protection of the environment. GASCO is committed to a sustainable, green strategy across all areas of its business.

One of the company’s green initiatives includes virtualizing the IT infrastructure on VMware vSphere. Approximately 360 virtual machines (VMs) run critical systems and applications in several datacenters. When members of the IT team became frustrated with the tools they used for VM backup, recovery and reporting, they began researching alternatives.

“We needed a solution that was designed for virtualization,” said Abdullah Al Marzouqi, Manager, Systems Support for GASCO. “We needed stable, consistent backups and fast recovery in case of disaster. We also needed a reporting solution that would provide a lot of useful information. The reporting tool we used only gave minimal utilization and availability information on resources.”

The Veeam Solution

GASCO’s IT team chose Veeam® Backup Management Suite—a powerful, easy-touse and affordable solution designed specifically for virtualization that provides VMware and Hyper-V backup, replication, monitoring and reporting. Veeam Backup Management Suite has two components: Veeam Backup & Replication™ for fast, flexible and reliable recovery of VMs and Veeam ONE™ for realtime monitoring and alerting, documentation and management reporting.

With Veeam, members of the IT team back up their VMs three times faster and recover VMs twice as fast. And, Veeam backup files require five times less space than GASCO’s previous backup tool because Veeam has built-in compression and deduplication. Because backups require less storage, GASCO saves approximately $10,000 each year in new storage. In addition, Veeam was 30% less expensive than GASCO’s previous backup tool.

Mr. Al Marzouqi said he and his colleagues are most impressed with Veeam’s Instant VM Recovery. It lets the IT team restart a failed VM directly from a compressed and deduplicated backup file residing on regular backup storage.

“We’ve tested Instant VM Recovery, and the result was excellent,” he said. “With Veeam we’re able to restore servers in the time required by our company.”

The IT team plans to use additional Veeam capabilities. SureBackup™ automatically verifies the recoverability of every backup, and On-Demand Sandbox lets the team run VMs from backups in an isolated environment for testing and troubleshooting. The team will also add VM replication to its data protection strategy in the future. With Veeam’s near-continuous data protection (near-CDP), team members can quickly fail over to DR replica if a VM goes down.

Mr. Al Marzouqi and his colleagues also rely on Veeam for predefined reports, dashboards and automated reporting of their VMware environment. “Veeam helps us see if the virtual environment is functioning efficiently,” he said. “Like many companies, our goal is to optimize resource configuration and usage, and Veeam also helps us track changes.”

Veeam Backup Management Suite also offers organizations real-time monitoring for virtual infrastructure analysis with visibility down to individual VMs. Monitoring dashboards offer intuitive single-click access to object details, performance data and knowledge-base articles, putting all the information administrators need within easy reach. Organizations can also categorize and group clusters, hosts, VMs and datastores by criteria such as business unit, department, purpose and service-level agreement (SLA), enabling users to view and manage their virtual infrastructures based on their organization’s needs and priorities.

Companies around the world use Veeam Backup Management Suite for data protection and virtualization management. This industry-leading solution increases administrator productivity and mitigates daily management risks for virtualization deployments of all sizes.

The Results

VM backups are quick, cost-efficient and require less storage space
With Veeam, GASCO’s IT team backs up VMs three times faster than its previous backup tool. Veeam requires only one full backup, followed by incremental backups to meet recovery point objectives (RPOs). GASCO’s previous backup tool required a full backup each week. Veeam backups also require five times less storage space because of built-in compression and deduplication. Veeam Backup Management Suite saves GASCO approximately $10,000 each year in new storage. Overall, it was 30% less expensive than GASCO’s previous backup tool.

Fast VM recovery helps IT staff meet RTOs
With Veeam’s Instant VM Recovery, members of the IT team can restore VMs much faster than their previous backup tool, enabling them to meet their company’s recovery time objectives (RTOs). Instant VM Recovery also helps the IT team minimize disruption to the company’s 5,000 users.

Automated reporting helps to optimize resource allocations
Veeam’s predefined reports, dashboards and automated reporting provide documentation so the IT team can review performance and changes to ensure the virtual environment is functioning efficiently.

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